Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weightloss Update Week #4-7

I have been neglecting blog posts lately.   Its not because I don't have anything to write about, Life has just been busy. Here are the weightloss updates for the last couple of weeks:

Week # 4 - lost 3.9 lbs weight - 188.1
Week #5 - lost 2.8 lbs weight - 185.3
Week # 6 - lost 1.8 lbs weight - 183.5
Week #7 - lost 2.4 lbs weight - 181.1

Total weight loss so far:  -17.3 lbs

I am so excited, the size 16 pants and XL shirts have been boxed, size 14 are really loose and large shirts fit without buldging.  Next goal is size 10 little black dress for christmas.......Ultimate goal is single digit (8, 6) sizes and Medium shirts.  Wohoo shopping at cute boutiques!

I have noticed in the last week it has been really hard to get my minimun prescription in.  I have been slacking on my shakes.  Weekends are the hardest as it is not structured.

We learned how to make oatmel cookies, chicken soup crackers, snickers pudding, and FRENCH FRIES.  I no longer crave Mc Donalds.


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