Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 29th To Me

So today is my 29th birthday!  EEk, one more year to 30!  only 365 days to complete my 30 list!  So lets see the progress:

The "30" List

Meet Scrappy Friends - I have made so many between CCL and Weekend crops at Memory Mania

Save $5000

Sell My Craft - my feather headbands have been sold at both the dance studio and in my aunt's booth at The Courtyard

Read 20 books: 5 down
  1. "The Carrie Diaries" - Candace Bushnell
  2. "Breaking Dawn" - Stephenie Meyer
  3. "Charlie St. Cloud" - Ben Sherwood
  4. "In the Sanctuary of Outcasts" - Neil White
  5. "I am Nujood..." - Nujood and Ali
Currently Reading:
  1.  "Summer and the City" - Candace Bushnell

Take a Road Trip - I've driven to Houston twice this year

Learn to sew

blog every week

have a project published

make a design team

hold a crop

de-clutter my life

achieve wellness

visit a new place - I went to Nassau Bahamas earlier this month

art journal

fall in love

attend a crop - I attend CCL in January and I have signed up for it again in July

buy a house

make 5 new friends

travel by train

library of memories class: currently enrolled in "Finding Photo Freedom"

learn 3 new things

scrapbooking cruise

daily album

grow out my hair - it is so long now but desperately needs a trim

photo shoot

go camping

get promoted

appear on tv - my little buddy and I are in the new Big Buddy Program commerical

throw a party - Halloween was celebrated at my house this past October

have a true picnic

Not too bad, got 9 done!
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