Thursday, December 30, 2010

Journaling, Stamping, and Rub-On Storage

Wow that's a record for me, 5 blog posts in one day.  Can't you tell I'm bored at work.  Well actually, I just have a bunch of drafts with pics that i needed to posts.   So on to this post.....

I am the "out of site, out of mind" type of scrapbooker.  If i don't see the product out, then it never gets used.  And forgive me cause i can't remember where i found this idea from but i think its the Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker book by Wendy Smedley.  So during the black friday rush i purchased three black square baskets with handles from hobbly lobby really cheap.

The first one holds all my rub-ons, well the generic ones at least.  This is mainly letter, phrases and swirls. 

The second one holds journaling items..... blocks, tags, scrap pieces and pens.

The third one, which isn't pictured, holds basic stamp supplies.  Acrylic blocks, stamp pads, cleaner and the SC stamp binder mentioned in the previous posts.

Studio Calico Stamp Book and Kit Binder

What Can I Say?  I LOVE my Bind It All.  I happen to get it on sale at Hobby Lobby last year and every chance I get I used it on a project.  I have been looking into a way get my stamps into a visible and portable storage.  I have all the stamps from American Crafts that coordinate with their paper lines.  But I have to say my favorite stamps are those that come with the Studio Calico Kits.  They are so versatile and get used with almost every project.  Zutter had a kit (and unfortunately you can only get the needed page dividers with the kit or otherwise I would have purchased extra to make my binder twice the size) to create a stamp binder.  I purchased two figuring one could be used for all the Studio Calico stamps and then the other for the American Crafts one.  After assembling the binder I decided to save the second one for more Studio Calico stamps. Here is the binder put together.  I had some scrap packaging paper from SC latest stamp, So I used photo corners to attach the paper to the binder, in case I moved to a bigger one its removable.  Some American Crafts thickers later and look how cute this binder came out!
I tied tags to the coil to label each stamp, but as I use the binder I have notice they just get in the way and will be removing these soon.
So far my stamps are only on the front side of each acrylic page but as I added last months stamps and order January's kits with stamps, I only have one acrylic page left and will soon have to start using both sides. 
The frosted page dividers are great cause they keep the two acrylic pages with stamps from sticking and keep ink from getting on other stamps.  Cause lets face it, I''m Lazy and don't clean my stamps like I should
So remember those numerous Studio Calico kits I keep blogging about, well I needed a way to keep the contents organized even though they get separated and broken up from the original kits.  With November's kit I started printing a picture and kit contents out and housing them in a binder.  So when i decide i want to use just products from SC kits or need to document what the product is or which kit it came from(design challenge purposes) I know what's what.
I used basic page protectors from the office supply store that i had left over from college.  Slip the printouts in and like magic once again I am organized.  This binder sits right next to the basket that hold all SC kits in their crop bags.

2011 Gratitudes- January, February, March

Last Year Monika Wright created a Gratitude Journal for 2010.  She is starting her 2011 one and I decided to join.  I figured if I get the pages made and minimally embellished then it should be no problem to add my daily gratitudes(or catch up each weekend) and finish off the pages each day. My cover is not complete because I am still deciding on a title for this mini.  Here is what i have so far, any suggestions?

  1. "365 Things I Am Grateful For in 2011" - title of Monika's original
  2. "2011 Gratitudes"
  3. "365 Grateful Days in 2011"
  4. "Things to be Gratefull For"
  5. "Daily Gratitudes"
I plan to bind the mini after all the pages are made with my Bind It All, so I am punching as I go.

As to my inner pages, I decided to go all American Crafts for this and a different line for each month.  And believe me I have plenty of American Crafts Goodies to go around.  Thickers will be added as I start to journal my gratitudes.  I planned for 5 pages(front and back) each month, each page to hold 7 days worth of gratitudes.  Since at most there is 31 days in each month, this gives me 4 extra days worth of room to journal the longer gratitudes.

January uses the "Junior" line because its bold and bright just like the New Year should be.

January - Front Pages
January - Back Pages
Supplies:  American Crafts "Junior" Paper- "Let's Trade" (34956), "We're Number 1"(34947), "You're Out" (34970), "Shazam!" (34969), "Yay" (34966);  Minimarks- "Play Ball" Accents (43360); Remarks - "Pal" Journaling (42656), "Buddy" Accents (42655)

February uses the "I Heart You" line because face it February is all about the love!

February-Front Pages
February - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "I Heart You" Paper - "Cutie Pie" (34833), "Sweet Pea" (34825), "Stud Muffin" (34843), "Sweet Cheeks" (34835), "Wookums" (34836); Remarks - "Love Potion" (42564); Thickers - "Rainboots" Pink Glitter (53079); Flair- "Hugs & Kisses" (70034); Sweethouse - "I Heart You" Glitter (77214)
March uses the "Blue Skies" line because here in Louisiana it starts to feel like spring in March

March - Front Pages
March - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Blue Skies" Paper- "Come On Get Happy" (34983), "Skip To My Lou" (34994), "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (34978), "Feelin' Alright" (34984), "Beautiful Day" (34972); Remarks - "Bubbly" Journal (42660), "Cheerful" Phrases (42661)

Here is the plan for the rest of the months:

April - "Dear Lizzy Spring"
May - "Backyard"
June - "Heat Wave"
July - ?  Any Suggestions? ( I have Character, Everyday, Letterbox, CraftFair, A la Mode, etc)
Aug - "Travel"
Sept - "Teen"
Oct - "Halloween"/"Boo"
Nov - "Abode"
Dec - "Dear Lizzy Christmas"

More detailed posts to come on preparations for each month, plus complete gratitudes.

Monthly Mini Kit Club - ScrapScription

Well I am the newest member of ScrapScription's Montly Mini Kit Club.  I found this kit club via Cathy Zielske's Blog.  Visit her post of Scrap Scription and there is a coupon code for free shipping on the December Kit.

So my December Kit arrived promptly the day after Christmas.  This kit is entitled: "A Look Back @ 2010 " and its great.  I quickly (well over a couple of hours of watching movies and scrapping) put the mini together.  It great cause it was very basic to assemble plus they gave you step by step, including measurements, instructions for embellishing or you can go your own way. 
So the mini has a envelope for each month that holds a tag.  I plan to use my new Polaroid Pogo to print mini prints from events in 2010 and use the prints and lists of event happening.  Once this is completed I will posts detailed pics for each month.

With the leftover paper and embellishments, believe me there was plenty paper, I covered the packaging my Smashbox cosmetics came in the mail in.  The letters on the top are American Crafts "Daydream" in black foam.
I added my own dividers and this box will hold all those misc treasures from past kits, found items and just plain cute stuff for each access when scrapping.

Wanna join this kit club with me?  Visit and join. Here is a description:

ScrapScribers is ScrapScription's monthly kit club. As a ScrapScribers member you are guaranteed ScrapScription's 15th of the month kit each and every month! No need to worry about missing out on a fabulous kit; you will automatically be billed and sent your ScrapScribers kit each month.

As a member of ScrapScribers, you will receive your kit at a guaranteed discounted price of $32 each month. As always, the kit will continue to be made available to our customers on the 15th of each month. For non-ScrapScribers members, the normal price will be $35 or higher. In addition to being guaranteed a discounted price of $32 for each kit, every 6th kit will be shipped free of charge! Additionally, every 12th kit will receive a FREE ScrapScribers member's only kit that will not be offered to non-ScrapScribers members. Finally, if you are a ScrapScriber, you will get a preview of the kit around the 10th of the month and should receive your kit by the 15th.

Its like getting a new mini book project including the surprises each month.  I have always wanted to make mini's to have around my house for the everyday pictures not just the events.  I can't wait to see what is in store for January's kit.

Scrap Planner

Remember this notebook......
Well I finally finished its companion, just in time for CCL XX........
I simply altered a mini binder using the scraps  from KI Memories "Love Elsie, Zoe" page kit.  This binder is small enough to fit in my purse(well maybe my purse is just big enough to hold the binder) and has been my go-to for all things scrappy.  Ideas, magazine articles, thoughts, to-do lists, etc.

Its broken up into many sections with room to grow.  I took cardstock and patterned paper, 12x12 in size, folded up the bottom section, so it measure around 9 inches now, then folded the whole thing in half.  The good thing about the size of this binder is I can print two pages per sheet on any printer, cut in half and it fits perfectly.

The first section holds calendars printed from MS Word.  I then filled in the months and days.  I am using these calendars to keep track on all my BPS classes, crops, and upcoming scrappy project deadlines.
The second section holds my layout To-Do Lists.   Becky Higgins created this for Creating Keepsakes and I just happen to come across it online.  Link:
I have a sheet for each of my current albums (All About Me, People I Love, Things I Do, Places I Go) along with a sheet for each of these: Projects, Other Crafts, Holiday Ideas, Big Buddy Program Album for Tatianna/Taliyah, and Mini Albums.  The great thing about these lists and it has a section to check off the photos, page, and journal are complete.  That way when I go to print a big order of pictures (when CVS, walgreens or walmart has deals) I know whats been printed and what needs to be.
The next section has possible page titles and more detailed notes on current layouts.

The next section has sheets for planning page layouts.  I have them for both 12x12 and 8.5x11.  I found these at
Next up is a section that holds all my To-Do lists for current classes.  I usually take multiple classes and one time and this is a good way for me to keep up with assignments without having to print out all the handouts.
Then we moved onto the Inventory section.  I will admit I have not used this section yet.  The plan was to inventory my punches, markers, inks, stamps, etc. 
The last section is one of my favorites.  Its simple a picture and printout of contents of each of the Studio Calico kits I subscribe to monthly.  I tend to pull certain brands and papers out and when I'm done I like to put them back in their crop bags.
I hope you enjoyed a look into my OCD'ness.  I encourage each and everyone of you to create your own scrap planner.  I have yet to find a digital way of doing this, considering these pics were taken about a month ago when the planner was first completed.  Now its full of sticky notes, scraps of paper and random ramblings.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A list for Santa....

I know I am a little late in posting, life has been hetic with surgery, catching up at work, and the holiday season in general.

But to keep in tune with the season and to answer the question everyone keeps asking, here is my christmas list:

  1. ipad (this is a long shot, but money toward one would be great.....i am not currently happy with the first version of the ipad but plan, if the usb port is included, to purchase the second release (rumored for jan/feb 2011)
  2. Polaroid pogo printer and paper - took care of this one myself, it was best buy door buster deals during black friday, but the paper is expensive and gift cards to will do the trick
  3. photoshop elements 9 - trying to get into digital elements and photo editing for my scrapbooking.
  4. a trip to CCL XX - took care of this one myself because didn't want to miss the deadline, so money toward shopping at the crop would be awesome
  5. iLife '11 upgrade - been holding off on this purchase because i always end up with apple giftcards
  6. Big Picture Classes gift card - always taking classes at BPC, especially looking into the self paced class: "Design Your Life" and stacey julian's Library of Memories
  7. Supplies for Design Your Life:
    1. American Crafts Moder Album 12x12 - red/chestnut/lime - also available at
    2. AC 8x8 Page Protectors
    3. AC 6x6 Page Protectors
    4. AC 8.5x11 Page Protectors x 2
  8. Studio Calico Goodies
    1. Studio Calico Crop bags - if they would ever get them back in stock, i live for these
    2. AC Modern Album - chestnut
    3. AC 8.5x11 Page Protectors - x2
    4. Mister Huey Glimmer Mists
    5. Patterns Rub-ons
    6. Jetsetter stamp
    7. Labels Stamp set
    8. All of the January Kit add-ons
  9. gift card
  10. hobby lobby gift card
  11. gift card
  12. apple gift card
  13. MONEY - gotta pay bills
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