Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Gratitudes- January, February, March

Last Year Monika Wright created a Gratitude Journal for 2010.  She is starting her 2011 one and I decided to join.  I figured if I get the pages made and minimally embellished then it should be no problem to add my daily gratitudes(or catch up each weekend) and finish off the pages each day. My cover is not complete because I am still deciding on a title for this mini.  Here is what i have so far, any suggestions?

  1. "365 Things I Am Grateful For in 2011" - title of Monika's original
  2. "2011 Gratitudes"
  3. "365 Grateful Days in 2011"
  4. "Things to be Gratefull For"
  5. "Daily Gratitudes"
I plan to bind the mini after all the pages are made with my Bind It All, so I am punching as I go.

As to my inner pages, I decided to go all American Crafts for this and a different line for each month.  And believe me I have plenty of American Crafts Goodies to go around.  Thickers will be added as I start to journal my gratitudes.  I planned for 5 pages(front and back) each month, each page to hold 7 days worth of gratitudes.  Since at most there is 31 days in each month, this gives me 4 extra days worth of room to journal the longer gratitudes.

January uses the "Junior" line because its bold and bright just like the New Year should be.

January - Front Pages
January - Back Pages
Supplies:  American Crafts "Junior" Paper- "Let's Trade" (34956), "We're Number 1"(34947), "You're Out" (34970), "Shazam!" (34969), "Yay" (34966);  Minimarks- "Play Ball" Accents (43360); Remarks - "Pal" Journaling (42656), "Buddy" Accents (42655)

February uses the "I Heart You" line because face it February is all about the love!

February-Front Pages
February - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "I Heart You" Paper - "Cutie Pie" (34833), "Sweet Pea" (34825), "Stud Muffin" (34843), "Sweet Cheeks" (34835), "Wookums" (34836); Remarks - "Love Potion" (42564); Thickers - "Rainboots" Pink Glitter (53079); Flair- "Hugs & Kisses" (70034); Sweethouse - "I Heart You" Glitter (77214)
March uses the "Blue Skies" line because here in Louisiana it starts to feel like spring in March

March - Front Pages
March - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Blue Skies" Paper- "Come On Get Happy" (34983), "Skip To My Lou" (34994), "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (34978), "Feelin' Alright" (34984), "Beautiful Day" (34972); Remarks - "Bubbly" Journal (42660), "Cheerful" Phrases (42661)

Here is the plan for the rest of the months:

April - "Dear Lizzy Spring"
May - "Backyard"
June - "Heat Wave"
July - ?  Any Suggestions? ( I have Character, Everyday, Letterbox, CraftFair, A la Mode, etc)
Aug - "Travel"
Sept - "Teen"
Oct - "Halloween"/"Boo"
Nov - "Abode"
Dec - "Dear Lizzy Christmas"

More detailed posts to come on preparations for each month, plus complete gratitudes.


Monika Wright said...

My vote? 365 Grateful Days in 2o11, love that one! I love your album so far, especially all those specialty die cut pages, did you do that with a die cutter or did they come that way?

Thanks so much for linking me sure to keep me up-to-date throughout the year, I'd love to see your progress! Makes me smile that you liked this project.

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