Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The 30 List"

Well lets first start off with an apolgie.  I have not blogged since DECEMBER, its MAY!  Life got a little crazy busy, buy hey thats no excuse.  To my 8 followers, I deeply apolgize.  On to the reason for this post.

I turn the big "30" in 37 days.  Whoa, life is passing me by!  Around my 28th birthday, I made a list of 30 things i wanted to accomplish by the time i turned 30....let's see how that turned out

The "30" List

  1. Meet Scrappy Friends - I have made so many between CCL and Weekend crops at Memory Mania
  2. Save $5000 - nope didn't happen and doubt it will in the next 37 days
  3. Sell My Craft - my feather headbands have been sold at both the dance studio and in my aunt's booth at The Courtyard
  4. Read 20 books- not sure how many i read but i know it wasn't 20, will lower the number for next year
  5. Take a Road Trip - I've driven to Houston twice this year
  6. Learn to sew- hoped to get a sewing machine for christmas but never happened, got a pivi printer instead
  7. blog every week - we all know that didn't happened
  8. have a project published - nothing major, a few hits on pinterest and on LSS blog
  9. make a design team
  10. hold a crop- didn't have room in the last two houses, do NOW
  11. de-clutter my life - done, with the move to the new house
  12. achieve wellness - actually went in the opposite direction, will work harder on this one
  13. visit a new place - I went to Nassau Bahamas in March, visiting Hawaii in May
  14. art journal
  15. fall in love
  16. attend a crop - I attend CCL in January and I have signed up for it again in July
  17. buy a house OMG! never thought this would really happen
  18. make 5 new friends
  19. travel by trainu
  20. library of memories class - started but not complete
  21. learn 3 new things - im sure i did, have to think about this one
  22. scrapbooking cruise
  23. daily album - started "Photo a day" this past janurary but didn't last too long
  24. grow out my hair - done, cut and working on it again
  25. photo shoot - took pictures of the kids durning easter in 2011
  26. go camping
  27. get promoted
  28. appear on tv - my little buddy and I are in the new Big Buddy Program commerical
  29. throw a party - Halloween was celebrated at my house this past October
  30. have a true picnic
#31 was to make a layout of the sure i can get that done before June 16th.

Wow! only 11 out of the 30, not too good.

I have put together "30 in Year 30".....

Some have been carried over, others re-evaluated but I go.....

  1. Have a Picnic
  2. Learn to use chopsticks
  3. do something that scares me
  4. visit two new places
  5. throw a party
  6. attend CCL or another crop
  7. blog weekly (shooting for wednesdays)
  8. fall in love
  9. start walking
  10. see 5 broadway shows
  11. scrap weekly
  12. work harder and play harder
  13. learn to use manual mode on dslr
  14. scan childhood pictures
  15. teach tap classes
  16. complete "2012 Travels" Smash ablum
  17. be more grateful
  18. decorate for each holiday/season
  19. finish "photo freedom"
  20. go camping
  21. try 12 new recipes
  22. learn to sew
  23. hold a crop
  24. read 5 books
  25. christmas dinner party
  26. attend a festival
  27. follow through on all projects
  28. save $5000
  29. submit for two design teams
  30. complete "project life - Year 30"

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