Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weight-loss Countdown (week 1)

Today (Tuesday) started week one of my new weight-loss plan(officially with the food portion on wednesday).  I have enrolled in Our Lady of the Lake's Medically supervised HMR program.  Its a minimum of 13 weeks rapid weight-loss followed by 18 months of Maintenance.  It consist of a minimum 5 HMR meals (3 shakes and 2 entrees) and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  Wow that is a lot of food and its only the minimum.  I can eat as many more HMR foods I need to stay full.  The program also includes weekly behavioral modification and support meetings. My current weight is 198.4 lbs and my goal is 145 lbs.  So we are looking at over 50lbs.  Here is the before picture:

Phase 1 of the program will end the last week of November, which puts me right in line with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the greatest shopping day of the year.  I plan to not buy any more clothes till this point.  That way i will have plenty of money put aside for a whole new wardrobe,  My reward to myself.

Why I post this you ask?  One of main things that drew me to this program is accountability.  I have to report in every meeting and this is just another way to keep myself on track.

Busy week along with the Weekend Recap!

OH what a busy week it has been and it's only Tuesday. 

Let's start off with a recap from the weekend.  My weekend started early on Friday at 1:00 pm (half-day from being on call).  I ran a couple of errands and grabbed some lunch on the way home.  At this point it was almost 3 pm and I had a lot to do before the Company/Faculty sleepover at the studio.  I finished up the gifts (from my sister and I), packed, showered and headed off to walmart for snacks.

The sleepover was for the Faculty, Company and Company Prep( they only stayed for the first two hours cause they are all pretty young) at the dance studio. The girls had a blast!  Activities included "Crazy Pajama Contest", drawing of Big/Little Buddies, "Toliet paper fashion show", Improv dancing, old dance comeptition videos and plenty of eating.  I think those kids ate non-stop for 12 hours.  All that candy is probably why most of them didn't crash till 7:00 Am the next morning.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep, so Saturday and Sunday was spent catching up.  I also spent most of sunday (after church and lunch) editing the iDVD project with all 300 photos from sleepover.  It's so cute.....now just have to make like 40 copies to hand out.

Monday was back to work, and boy did I have a lot of work to do.  Im in the middle of 3 major projects(one being due today by my 1:30 meeting).  But on to the more fun, crafty stuff.

I am taking Elizabeth Dillow's Inspiration Defined class at BPS.  I will admit, I am a little behind on the assignments but I did manage to get my tumblr account setup.  You can find me here: http://moleskineadventures.tumblr.com/

Elizabeth Katcher's Piece By Piece class started on monday.  So far we have only gotten an assignment to gather our supplies.  I was able to order two teas from downeastbasics.com but they haven't arrived yet.  I do have the rest of the supplie put asside in a basket, including the kit for the class where Elizabethe die cutted the cutest flowers and butterflies.  More pictures to come when i complete my shirt.

May Flaum's Adventures in Scrapbooking: Use Your Stash and BPS starts tomorrow.  I took May's Camp Scrap class a couple of months ago.  Althought I didn't get as much layouts done as I would like too,  I loved loved loved the class.  Can't wait for UYS to start.

I'm signed up for two more BPS classes: Jen Molher's Saving Your Sanity: Throughout the Holiday Season and Georgana Hall's Cut the Crazy out of Christmas.  They don't start till the end of September and beginining of October but I have been gather the supplie and completing the pre-class assignments.

Today also starts the beginning of the HMR weightloss program at Our Lady Of the Lake Hospital.  More on this with a separte posts.

Well plenty of things going on this week, plus I have a few crafty projects that i have started to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  Oh and I REALLY need to clean my Craft Room, it looks like a war zone!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft To-Do List

Since I can't sleep cause I have a million and one things running through my mind, I decided to list them.   I tend to do better working off lists.  So my crafty To-Do list for the week:

  1. Update American Crafts Inventory
  2. Learn to use new Pixie sewing machine that finally came in
  3. Miss Machita's christmas wreath
  4. Tatianna's weekly card
  5. slice hands-free kit
  6. Michaels return
  7. Hobby Lobby return
  8. BPS inspiration defined assignment
  9. print BPS class sheets
  10. USS Kidd layout
  11. print pics
  12. finish California mini
  13. organize craft room
  14. ............

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a busy weekend I had!  I have to say it didn't start out to well.  At 3:30 pm on Friday my supervisor approached me with a task from the VP of our department.  Needless to say I had to understand the problem, the software and find a solution all before I planning on leaving at 4:30.  I didn't leave till almost 6:00.  Got the problem resolved and headed home, not before stopping at the grocery store to pick up the last minutes items I needed for Saturday's dinner party(more on the dinner party later).  I arrived home exhausted from the day, so I caught up on some weekly tv shows and then headed to bed.  

Saturday consisted on Big Buddy Event, some scrapbooking and dinner party with my family.

Tatianna and I attended the last August Big Buddy Activity.  We visited the USS Kidd.  It was fun but soooo hot!  Nothing like being on a big Steal ship that has been baking in the 100 degree heat all day.  The kids had a great time.  Nothing like see a little bit of local history.  Oh yeah it also helped the tour guide was really cute.  

After bringing Tatianna back home, and picking up some ice cream on the way.  I headed home to get ready for the Dinner Party.

Since the trip to the USS Kidd didn't last the two hours it was suppose too, I had a little extra time to get my crafty on before the prepping and cooking began.

I managed to get one layout accomplished.  Since October is approaching I decided to get the pictures from last year's Halloween scrapped.  This was our first time celebrating Halloween at Monte' Vista Plantation.  It was just a small family gathering with food and fun.  Since the house sits outside of city limits, I drove the kids back into my neighborhood to trick or treat.  Isabelle choose her own costume this year.  I thought should would choose the usual princess, witch, you know normal 8 yr old costumes.  No she decided not only to be Marie Antoinette but the ghost of Marie Antoinette.  

So she got dressed in this beautiful old time gown and wig then came down stairs with baby powder and black eye shadow.  I then preceded to smear the powder on her face and neck.  Then i smeared black eyeshadow circles around her eyes.  Noah on the other hand wore a glow in the dark pirate skeleton costume picked out by his mother.  

He huffed and puffed the whole time we went trick or treating. But I guess thats normal for an 11 yr old. After only 1 hour and four blocks we headed back home.   Isabelle ran off quickly and then came downstairs in the cutest halloween pjs.  

Sorry for the rambling back to my weekend.  Here is the layout!
Supplies: American Crafts "Halloween" patterned paper, Flair and Minimarks

Housed in LOM-Things I Do

5:00 rolled around and it was time to prepare for dinner.  I have to say i started two hours early and still didn't finish before everyone arrived.  No biggie, I prepared a feast.   Parmesan crusted chicken with a sage butter sauce, Bacon wrapped green beans, roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes, Mike Anderson's coleslaw and dinner rolls.  I love to cook but I will be starting a medial supervised weightloss plan on Aug 31st (more to come on that when i start the program) so I'll be cooking my favorite dishes till then.  There was ten of us total.  Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.

Sunday consisted of mass, lunch with the family at my favorite, Ninfas, a little shopping( I hit up the slice sale at Michaels), dance class, and more craft time.

Desirre Robbins was in town and taught a master class at Machita & Co.  Isabelle attended the hour and half long class and had a blast.  This is officially the start of competition season.

After I returned her home, I got my craft on again.  I finished up the paper flowered wreath I started on Friday night.  Im trying to get a head start on the holiday season decorations i never did last year.  My color scheme for christmas has always been the black, read, gold oriental style.  I think it came out really cute.
Supplies: The Paper Studio patterend paper - "Magic of the Season

Well thats my weekend, it was busy but productive......now onto the work week, blah!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toy Story 3 in 3D

For our outing Tatianna and I went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D.  I have to say I had a great time but at one point in the movie I started think "this isn't going to end well".  How could disney produce such a sad movie.  Then all ends well!  Anyway the movie was great and we had a awesome time.

Supplies: October Afternoon Journaling "Fly A Kite" (ss-254), American Crafts Paper "Boom!" (34949), Remarks "Jewerly Box" (42162), "Patchwork" (42159), Thickers "Niki Riki" (53041), Bazzil Cardstock

Chicago! -Sketchbook 2: Day Eight

My interpretation of KP's Sketchbook 2: Day Eight sketch.  This is from our Chicago trip back in 2007.  I loved this trip because I got to visit with my good friend Ryan.

Supplies: Studio Calico "Continental" Kit: Making Memories Panorama Corrugated Alpha (34928), Studio Calico Patterned Paper Geographic (SCPP0042), Pebbles Inc. Candy Dots Navy (44209), The Girl Paperie On Holiday Die Cuts (GP65037) and American Crafts Dear Lizzy Card Ribbon (89290)

Housed in LOM-Places I Go

Upate: Altered Tote

After browsing through Hobby Lobby yesterday, I noticed all the new scrapbooking stuff they got in.  Walking down the ribbon aisle I was very excited to find American Crafts Ribbon Cards.  So I picked up the two ones from the "Dear Lizzy" line.  Then I added some extras to my altered tote.  How cute is it now?

Added Supplies: American Crafts "Dear Lizzy" Card Ribbon "Lovely" (89290), "Lively" (89288)

I am so exctied! Hobby Lobby is carrying the Heat Wave, Dear Lizzy, Abode, Letterbox, and Blue Skies line.  Now if I could only get the new CHA releases.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Crafty Saturday!

I had a very productive Saturday.  It all started when the alarm went off at 7:00 am.  I attended SQL Saturday today at LSU starting at 9:00am till after lunch.  Then the craftiness started!  At the training event I received a canvas bag full of information and goodies.

While sitting in one of the classes I started to think "hey I could alter and re-purpose this bag to be a really cute tote".  Then American Crafts "Dear Lizzy" line came to mind.  So I started by taking basic white acrylic paint and painting layers to cover the screened logo.  While that was drying, I made a rolled fabric and ribbon flowers.  Then added some brads in the middle.  I also took a strip of "Dear Lizzy fabric paper and folded to make ruffles.  I then used my Slice machine, the Wedding design card, and cut out my initials.  I hot glued everything on and then added a handful of buttons, brads and vintage key.  Didn't it come out so cute!

Supplies: American Crafts "Dear Lizzy" Fabric Paper - "Firefly Festival" (35085), "Snapdragon Soiree" (35103), "Garden Gala" (35101), "Dear Lizzy" Elements - Assorted Brads (85504), Slice "Wedding" Design Card.

Today I also worked on some of my Big Picture Scrapbooking class projects.  I signed up for Jen Mohler's Saving Your Sanity: Throught The Holiday Season class.  I worked on the pre-class assignment of creating a Holiday Project Notebook.  I used American Crafts "Merrymint" line.

I also signed up for Jen's Save Your Sanity Self Paced Project. Its a jumpstart to her four part Saving Your Sanity series.  I created a workbook to organize and de-stress the creativity aspects of my life. I used my Bind It All to put it together.   I also added a Supply List Notebook very similar to the Holiday project Notebook.  For both of these I used American Crafts "Craft Fair" line.

Supplies: American Crafts "Merrymint" Patterend Paper - "Licorice" (34905), Minimarks "Frosty Accents" (43292), "Cafe Accents" (43332), "Craft Fair" Patterned Paper, Thickers - "By The Yard" (42971), "Daquiri", Remarks "Fruit Accents" (42548), Elements "Medium Glitter Brads Pastels" (85346).

Tomorrow will consist of Church and Lunch with the family, then some craft supply shopping at Michaels.   Michaels is having a 4 hour sale with and extra 25% off your entire purchase (sale items included) between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.  Im going to luck out, most supplies are already on sale and then i get the extra 25% off.  Time to stock up.

Well thats all for today! I now going to clean up the living room, cause today I insisted on crafting on the couch.  Then I am going to go work through the worksheets in my Save Your Sanity Workbook.  Productivity at its best!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their saturday also.

A Card for Tatianna

This weeks card for Tatianna:

Supplies: Studio Calico Summer Camp Kit

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Roundup

Well lets see its 11:00 pm on saturday night and I'm going through my to-do list checking things off.  Not too bad, on the craft side i managed to get 5 out of 8 accomplished.  Unfortunately on the household side I didn't do any of it, can't you see how much I love house chores.  No biggie got till wednesday night before the roomie comes home.....I work better under pressure.  So today consisted of sleeping in (planned to wake up early but I'll let Kimberly explain why i wasn't able too), relocating to the couch for "phase 2"(compliments of Brenna :) ), catching up on two weeks worth of dvr'ed shows and crafting.  I will admit the only reason the crafting got down is cause it was all still sitting in the living room in arms reach. Oh yeah and I took three naps throughout the day in between projects.  Not a bad saturday, just a little lazy, but hey we are all entitled to a lazy day every now and then.  I think I've finally caught up on sleep from the marathon of a vacation.

Now off to bed....big plans tomorrow

1. Church
2. Lunch with the family
3. Toy Story 3 in 3-D with Tatianna
4. Pick up photos from CVS
5. Maybe a little BPS class shopping at Micheals (depends on what's in the sale paper tomorrow)

OH Man where do the weekends go!

Kids Saturday at LASM

An addition to Tatianna's Big Buddy scrapbook:

My Inspiration came from Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook 2 Class.  This from Day 3 sketch

Supplies: Studio Calico Summer Camp Kit (American Crafts Elements "Dear Lizzy"(85504), Thickers "Delight" (53073), We R Memory Keepers Paper "72 & Sunny Flower Patch" (61196-7), So Sophie Alphabet "Clever Pretty Girl" (SS1051)), Chatter Box "Artsy.licious" Brads (32051), American Crafts Elements "Glitter Medium Pastels" (85346), Slice Design Card "Basics 1", random buttons

Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday's Plan

I just realized that my Saturday(tomorrow) is free, so I going to devote the day to crafting.  That's right ALL DAY CRAFT MARATHON.  Since I do better with a list that I can mark off, here it is(in no particular order):

1. Tatianna's Museum Layout - this is a must, I have seen her twice since we went to the museum and have not completed the layout to add to her album.  We will be having another traditional activity on Sunday (Movie Day - Toy Story 3-3D) so I would like to get this to her by then. DONE (check it out here: http://moleskineadventures.blogspot.com/2010/08/kids-saturday-at-lasm.html)

2. BPS Class Binders - I really need to get this organized, majority of everything is printed DONE, except for a few missing printouts, but i plan to take care of those monday morning at work

3. 52 Card Pick Up Class - I have fallen so far behind and class ends next Wednesday.  I would like to get a handful done and posted to the gallery.  My goal is at least five.  I need to complete cards 21-48.

4. Organize Slice - well i purchased the slice machine right before the Cali trip and since then have been obsessed with get all the design cards.  Now that i own 11(all at discounted prices, Ive been ebaying) of them i have to find a place to store all this.  But hey I LOVE MY SLICE!

5. Upload Photos for printing - With three new BPS classes starting in the next two months, plus the KP Sketchbook Class I'm in, I need some photos printed.  It's time to upload a batch and make an order.  Plus this will give me an opportunity to start implementing Stacey Julian's Library of Memories. DONE, they will be ready at cvs tomorrow at 11:00 am

6. Finish California Minis - Ive been working a little bit each night on this.  All the photos are printed (used contact sheet print in iphoto to print mini 2 x 3, there are over 600 photos from the trip) and the memoribilla is ready to be attached.  Part 1 is here.

7. Kit Club Layouts - I probably won't get to this, but I have 4 kits waiting to be used and one that i know will be delivered today. Used New Summer Camp Kit for Tatianna's Layout

8. Sketchbook 2 class - Although its only week 1 of the class, I have been given three great sketches to work with.  I would like to get one of these used this weekend in the 7 above to-do's.....Im thinking this will be my inspiration for Tatianna's Layout.  Used Day 3 Sketch for Tatianna's Layout

Household To-Do:

Since my roomate left on sunday for New Jersery, Ive been slacking around the house and its a mess.  I should have time to fit these 6 things in before she returns on Wednesday.

1. Fold Laundry
2. Finish Unpacking  (reminds me I need to get a photo of my Vera Bradley luggage collection before it all gets put back up)
3. Wash Sheets on bed
4. Take the trash out
5. Run dishes through dishwasher
6. Pick up living room

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

California Mini Prints Part 1

As I finally recover from my 10 day vacation to California, I have spent some time working on my Travel Journal.   My original intention was to work on the journal as we go along on the trip  and only have to attach photos when I returned home, but we were non-stop all day long. I was so tired I slept most of the flight home.  The other time was spent editing the over 700 photos taken on the trip.  (It was a combination of pics from three different people's camera, but the first 650 were all mine.)  Since there was so many I printed contact sheets of my favorites using iphoto.  The end product, I could get many pics on one page.  I started the day we got back, this past Saturday, and I only have documented up to day Day 5.  I thought Yay! I'm half way, but when I look at the separted piles of photos left for the next 5 days (all disneyland), there is over 30 piles.  Enough with the babbling....... Here is what I have so far

On a side, but exciting, note.... I bought a Slice machine from Hobby Lobby (at 30% off) along with some accessories before I left for the trip.  I also found some design cards for over 50% off from Two Peas and on Ebay.  While putting together this journal, I got to use it quite often.  I LOVE MY SLICE!  To just think the money I will save on buying die cuts and letters, Well except for AC THICKERS (Can't ever have enough THICKERS).

Supplies: Martha Stewart Travel Line, the Paper Studio Rub-Ons, Misc cardstock, Slice Design Cards - Basic 1, Mix & Mingle, Travel USA, Just Chillin' Teen, American Crafts This To That, American Crafts remarks JFK neutral, The girls' paperie travel paper cuts, various punches
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