Wednesday, August 4, 2010

California Mini Prints Part 1

As I finally recover from my 10 day vacation to California, I have spent some time working on my Travel Journal.   My original intention was to work on the journal as we go along on the trip  and only have to attach photos when I returned home, but we were non-stop all day long. I was so tired I slept most of the flight home.  The other time was spent editing the over 700 photos taken on the trip.  (It was a combination of pics from three different people's camera, but the first 650 were all mine.)  Since there was so many I printed contact sheets of my favorites using iphoto.  The end product, I could get many pics on one page.  I started the day we got back, this past Saturday, and I only have documented up to day Day 5.  I thought Yay! I'm half way, but when I look at the separted piles of photos left for the next 5 days (all disneyland), there is over 30 piles.  Enough with the babbling....... Here is what I have so far

On a side, but exciting, note.... I bought a Slice machine from Hobby Lobby (at 30% off) along with some accessories before I left for the trip.  I also found some design cards for over 50% off from Two Peas and on Ebay.  While putting together this journal, I got to use it quite often.  I LOVE MY SLICE!  To just think the money I will save on buying die cuts and letters, Well except for AC THICKERS (Can't ever have enough THICKERS).

Supplies: Martha Stewart Travel Line, the Paper Studio Rub-Ons, Misc cardstock, Slice Design Cards - Basic 1, Mix & Mingle, Travel USA, Just Chillin' Teen, American Crafts This To That, American Crafts remarks JFK neutral, The girls' paperie travel paper cuts, various punches


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