Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday's Plan

I just realized that my Saturday(tomorrow) is free, so I going to devote the day to crafting.  That's right ALL DAY CRAFT MARATHON.  Since I do better with a list that I can mark off, here it is(in no particular order):

1. Tatianna's Museum Layout - this is a must, I have seen her twice since we went to the museum and have not completed the layout to add to her album.  We will be having another traditional activity on Sunday (Movie Day - Toy Story 3-3D) so I would like to get this to her by then. DONE (check it out here:

2. BPS Class Binders - I really need to get this organized, majority of everything is printed DONE, except for a few missing printouts, but i plan to take care of those monday morning at work

3. 52 Card Pick Up Class - I have fallen so far behind and class ends next Wednesday.  I would like to get a handful done and posted to the gallery.  My goal is at least five.  I need to complete cards 21-48.

4. Organize Slice - well i purchased the slice machine right before the Cali trip and since then have been obsessed with get all the design cards.  Now that i own 11(all at discounted prices, Ive been ebaying) of them i have to find a place to store all this.  But hey I LOVE MY SLICE!

5. Upload Photos for printing - With three new BPS classes starting in the next two months, plus the KP Sketchbook Class I'm in, I need some photos printed.  It's time to upload a batch and make an order.  Plus this will give me an opportunity to start implementing Stacey Julian's Library of Memories. DONE, they will be ready at cvs tomorrow at 11:00 am

6. Finish California Minis - Ive been working a little bit each night on this.  All the photos are printed (used contact sheet print in iphoto to print mini 2 x 3, there are over 600 photos from the trip) and the memoribilla is ready to be attached.  Part 1 is here.

7. Kit Club Layouts - I probably won't get to this, but I have 4 kits waiting to be used and one that i know will be delivered today. Used New Summer Camp Kit for Tatianna's Layout

8. Sketchbook 2 class - Although its only week 1 of the class, I have been given three great sketches to work with.  I would like to get one of these used this weekend in the 7 above to-do's.....Im thinking this will be my inspiration for Tatianna's Layout.  Used Day 3 Sketch for Tatianna's Layout

Household To-Do:

Since my roomate left on sunday for New Jersery, Ive been slacking around the house and its a mess.  I should have time to fit these 6 things in before she returns on Wednesday.

1. Fold Laundry
2. Finish Unpacking  (reminds me I need to get a photo of my Vera Bradley luggage collection before it all gets put back up)
3. Wash Sheets on bed
4. Take the trash out
5. Run dishes through dishwasher
6. Pick up living room


S said...

Sounds like a great plan for a full day of crafting - good luck either staying on plan or finding your creativity takes you in new directions. Enjoy!

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