Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weight-loss Countdown (week 1)

Today (Tuesday) started week one of my new weight-loss plan(officially with the food portion on wednesday).  I have enrolled in Our Lady of the Lake's Medically supervised HMR program.  Its a minimum of 13 weeks rapid weight-loss followed by 18 months of Maintenance.  It consist of a minimum 5 HMR meals (3 shakes and 2 entrees) and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  Wow that is a lot of food and its only the minimum.  I can eat as many more HMR foods I need to stay full.  The program also includes weekly behavioral modification and support meetings. My current weight is 198.4 lbs and my goal is 145 lbs.  So we are looking at over 50lbs.  Here is the before picture:

Phase 1 of the program will end the last week of November, which puts me right in line with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the greatest shopping day of the year.  I plan to not buy any more clothes till this point.  That way i will have plenty of money put aside for a whole new wardrobe,  My reward to myself.

Why I post this you ask?  One of main things that drew me to this program is accountability.  I have to report in every meeting and this is just another way to keep myself on track.


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