Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft To-Do List

Since I can't sleep cause I have a million and one things running through my mind, I decided to list them.   I tend to do better working off lists.  So my crafty To-Do list for the week:

  1. Update American Crafts Inventory
  2. Learn to use new Pixie sewing machine that finally came in
  3. Miss Machita's christmas wreath
  4. Tatianna's weekly card
  5. slice hands-free kit
  6. Michaels return
  7. Hobby Lobby return
  8. BPS inspiration defined assignment
  9. print BPS class sheets
  10. USS Kidd layout
  11. print pics
  12. finish California mini
  13. organize craft room
  14. ............


Anonymous said...

nice! I'm a list maker, too. Hope that you have a productive week.

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