Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a busy weekend I had!  I have to say it didn't start out to well.  At 3:30 pm on Friday my supervisor approached me with a task from the VP of our department.  Needless to say I had to understand the problem, the software and find a solution all before I planning on leaving at 4:30.  I didn't leave till almost 6:00.  Got the problem resolved and headed home, not before stopping at the grocery store to pick up the last minutes items I needed for Saturday's dinner party(more on the dinner party later).  I arrived home exhausted from the day, so I caught up on some weekly tv shows and then headed to bed.  

Saturday consisted on Big Buddy Event, some scrapbooking and dinner party with my family.

Tatianna and I attended the last August Big Buddy Activity.  We visited the USS Kidd.  It was fun but soooo hot!  Nothing like being on a big Steal ship that has been baking in the 100 degree heat all day.  The kids had a great time.  Nothing like see a little bit of local history.  Oh yeah it also helped the tour guide was really cute.  

After bringing Tatianna back home, and picking up some ice cream on the way.  I headed home to get ready for the Dinner Party.

Since the trip to the USS Kidd didn't last the two hours it was suppose too, I had a little extra time to get my crafty on before the prepping and cooking began.

I managed to get one layout accomplished.  Since October is approaching I decided to get the pictures from last year's Halloween scrapped.  This was our first time celebrating Halloween at Monte' Vista Plantation.  It was just a small family gathering with food and fun.  Since the house sits outside of city limits, I drove the kids back into my neighborhood to trick or treat.  Isabelle choose her own costume this year.  I thought should would choose the usual princess, witch, you know normal 8 yr old costumes.  No she decided not only to be Marie Antoinette but the ghost of Marie Antoinette.  

So she got dressed in this beautiful old time gown and wig then came down stairs with baby powder and black eye shadow.  I then preceded to smear the powder on her face and neck.  Then i smeared black eyeshadow circles around her eyes.  Noah on the other hand wore a glow in the dark pirate skeleton costume picked out by his mother.  

He huffed and puffed the whole time we went trick or treating. But I guess thats normal for an 11 yr old. After only 1 hour and four blocks we headed back home.   Isabelle ran off quickly and then came downstairs in the cutest halloween pjs.  

Sorry for the rambling back to my weekend.  Here is the layout!
Supplies: American Crafts "Halloween" patterned paper, Flair and Minimarks

Housed in LOM-Things I Do

5:00 rolled around and it was time to prepare for dinner.  I have to say i started two hours early and still didn't finish before everyone arrived.  No biggie, I prepared a feast.   Parmesan crusted chicken with a sage butter sauce, Bacon wrapped green beans, roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes, Mike Anderson's coleslaw and dinner rolls.  I love to cook but I will be starting a medial supervised weightloss plan on Aug 31st (more to come on that when i start the program) so I'll be cooking my favorite dishes till then.  There was ten of us total.  Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.

Sunday consisted of mass, lunch with the family at my favorite, Ninfas, a little shopping( I hit up the slice sale at Michaels), dance class, and more craft time.

Desirre Robbins was in town and taught a master class at Machita & Co.  Isabelle attended the hour and half long class and had a blast.  This is officially the start of competition season.

After I returned her home, I got my craft on again.  I finished up the paper flowered wreath I started on Friday night.  Im trying to get a head start on the holiday season decorations i never did last year.  My color scheme for christmas has always been the black, read, gold oriental style.  I think it came out really cute.
Supplies: The Paper Studio patterend paper - "Magic of the Season

Well thats my weekend, it was busy but onto the work week, blah!


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