Friday, May 27, 2011

I've Been SMASHed! Update

So right before leaving work today, i checked the tracking status of my SMASH shipment one more time and found that it was updated to show that my package had been delivered to my local post office.  I mean come on,  UPS has to drive pass my house to get to the post office.   So i called the postman and he said i could pick it up today.   I got to the office just a moment to late.  I had to beg the postman to open the doors back up and release my package.  He is my new favorite person!

I didn't even make it out the parking lot before i ripped open the box.

Here is my loot!

 Also I couldn't resist and purchased the mod black and retro blue from Studio Calico.

Since I found out about SMASH, I have been collecting SMASHable items.  Not too much in this box, but plenty to get started.
 20 minutes after arrive home, I have two pages going......well a page and a pocket.
 I used the packaging from my mini SMASH to create a pocket to hold all my SMASH accessories.  Loving that SMASH tape, gives my pocket extra security!
So my first page was a tribute to the mini SMASH.  If you missed that post, its here.  I used the special mini (only given to 200 of SMASH's blog followers) to document "A Week In The Life"

Whew! I'm exhausted.......nap then more smashing ;)

I've been SMASHed!

Do you remember me telling you about the new hit that is SMASH?  Well I is my mini!  So while i was enjoying my beach vacation (early May), I was notified by SMASH via their blog that the whole line of SMASH product was available for pre-order with a shipping date of May 25th.   Wohoo!  quickly i ordered the whole line....well 2 books and the rest of the accessories......

my order

Product NumberProduct NameQtyUnit CostTotal Cost

837403Doodle Red SMASHFolio 1$12.99$12.99

837409Date SMASH Stamp 1$4.99$4.99

837420Blue SMASH Bands 1$1.99$1.99

837405Pretty Pink SMASH Folio 1$12.99$12.99

837421Black SMASH Stick 2$2.99$5.98

837419Folder SMASH Pockets 1$1.99$1.99

837418Secret SMASH Pockets 1$1.99$1.99

837412Retro SMASH Clips 1$2.99$2.99

837413Red & Blue SMASH Stickies 1$1.99$1.99

837402Like This SMASH Tape 1$2.99$2.99

837411Flag SMASH Clips 1$1.99$1.99

837410Paper SMASH Tabs 1$1.99$1.99

837401Black Dots SMASH Tape 1$2.99$2.99

837417Family SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837416Travel SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837415Word of Mouth SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837414Entertainment SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837407Birdie SMASH Mark 1$1.99$1.99

Order Totals

Product Subtotal:$67.81


Grand Total:$67.81
Not too bad, got free shipping because it was over $ this was on May 10th.  Fast forward to May 20th.... SMASH blog officially announces SMASH is available for purchase......that same afternoon i receive a notification that my order has shipped. 

So that was this past friday.   Checked and checked all weekend UPS was not updated with an estimated delivery date.  Come monday afternoon and their it was a delivery date of friday (today).  All week i have been refreshing the UPS tracking information, all on schedule till wednesday.  :(    Tracking information showed this: ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS.  Which defined by UPS means "The shipment is currently within the UPS network; however, adverse weather conditions could result in a change to the scheduled delivery date. If a change in delivery date occurs, the tracking status will be updated to reflect the new delivery date."   It did show where: NEW ORLEANS.   So now my SMASH is being held hostage about 45 minutes from my house.   I was so tempted to drive out to the shipping warehouse and demand my SMASH.   ok rant over

So this morning, i quietly checked UPS again and it showed that my SMASH did make it to my local UPS.  Ive been checking all day but doesn't show its been sent out for delivery.  Since i live down the street from my local UPS, I am normally the last drop off of the night.  So here is fingers crossing!  I plan to stop by on my way home and see if they will let me take my package if its not on the truck.

I will say i caved and purchased another book, the Mod Black from studio calico.  It was the pre-sale today for all subscribers and i just couldn't help myself.  Everyone was so excited about all the SMASH stuff available in the store.   I promise it will get used.....i was just afraid once i open my box i would have my first book filled the same day.

Which FYI....all of the Studio Calico add-on kits for this month include SMASH accessories and they are carrying the entire line including all four books.   Might wanna go soon, "pretty" pink is already sold out.

More NSD Layouts

I finally took photos of the rest of the layouts that were made during NSD week.

 Supplies: Crate Paper Borders "Neighborhood" (NH941), Chipboard "Neighborhood" (NH940), PP "Neighborhood" "Picnic" (NH937); Girls Paperie Jubilee Flower "Market" (GP65089), American Crafts Memory Marker "Leaf" (6116), October Afternoon Mini Market "Kraft & Black" (SS-290)

Studio Calico Kit: Paper Lanterns

Supplies: My Minds Eye Fine & Dandy True Blue PP "Merry" (FAD128), Trims; Sassafras "Burlap" Alpha (21180), American Crafts Mementos "Dedication" (82303)

Studio Calico Kit: Pulled Taffy

Supplies: Studio Calico PP "Cooped Up" (SCPP0063); Crate Paper Chipboard "Neighborhood" (NH940), Borders "Neighborhood" (NH941); American Crafts Thickers "Doll" Fabric (53171)

Studio Calico Kit: Lawn Party, Paper Lantern

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dance Year Comes to an End!

Well it actually ended back in the beginning of April but I've been quite busy.  It comes time to put together and album to celebrate Isabelle's journey throughout the dance year.  Wow this year was a busy but exciting one.  Alot more conventions and competions than we normally do along with first time scholarships for the bubbly 9yr old.

The album is not complete although i worked on it every night durning our beach trip and at my local Micheals NSD crop.  I made it all way through the competition season and only have recital and Debbie Allen performance left.  I went with 8 1/2x 11 size because i knew it would just too much at the 12x12 size.  I also decided to use We R Memory Keepers divided protectors.  They hold 4x6 photos in all orientations and made quick pages.

So here we go.....

 Company Sleepover
 Toliet Paper Fashion Show
 Big Sis / Dolly Dingkle (our version of Halloween)

 School Talent Show - She won 1st Place
 Family Showoff Day
 Reflections of the Season (Christmas Performance)
 West Coast / Hollywood Vibe
 More Hollywood Vibe - she likes to take pics with each of the teachers


 Jump - 1st Scholarship / iHollywood Dance

iHollywood Dance

 iHollywood Dance - favorite teachers!
 iHollywood Dance - Another Scholarship / NUVO
 NUVO / VIP Dance
 VIP & Alyse / 7th Year Dance Charm
Recital - "Dance Green" / "Creep"

Supplies: Mostly American Crafts, manily "Dear Lizzy Enchanted" ..... more detailed supply listed when i blog about the finished album.

So my thoughts on next year's album:  Have her help me and complete pages throughout the year instead of all at once.  

So have you heard of SMASH?  Well it's K & Company's newest album journal and since i pre-ordered it should be on my doorstep any day now.  I pitched the idea of using a smash album to Isabelle for next year's dance album and have her hooked.  I figured she could use it throughout the year and document her own journey (with my help of course!).  We discovered she could have her teachers autograph straight into her SMASH journal and i would use my poloraid pogo printer to print her pictures with them.  BRILLIANT!  The SMASH journal will also be a great place for her to "SMASH" her keepsakes from our trips..... ie. resturant napkins, convention bracelets, hotel room keys, etc.  I ordered her the "pretty pink" one (the doodle red for myself) and all the accessories.  Can't wait!

Scrapscription Mini turned Graduation Gift

So my latest scrapscription kit came in this past week.  It was entitled "Life Moves On" and was a binder album.  From the moment i opened the kit and started assembling, I decided this would make the perfect graduatin gift for my cousin who was finishing LSU.  I figured it was big enough she could put 4 yrs worth of memories in one album.  I made a few adapations and added extra tags and pages.  Here is a few pages from the finished project:

I really enjoyed putting this album together.  Scrapscription makes it so easy with their detailed instructions that come with the kits.

Needless to say she opened it and was astonished at the details.  Then she asked if i would help her fill it with her pics and memories.  No problem!

National Scrapbooking Day or Week?

Well as most of you know May 7th was National Scrapbooking turned into National Scrapbook Week for me.  I participated in both Studio Calico's NSD Challenges and BPC's Creative Crop.  Here are  few of my entries:

SC Scavenger Hunt - favorite SC product, scrap area, favorite scrap beverage, SC promotion, SC website/blog

 5 minute Organize challenge: filed and tagged my latest printed pics
Wood Challenge:

Supplies: American Crafts Hello Sunshine PP "Delight" (35399), Zing "Apricot" (27136); Crate Paper Emma's Shoppe PP "Sweets" (ES857); Making Memories "With Love" flower brads (34816); Maya Road Chipboard "Snapshot Words"; Basic Grey "Hello Luscious" die cut (3257); Pink Paislee Wood Alpha "Daily Junique" (00497)

Studio Calico kits: Moses Supposes, Make'em Laugh, Tap Dance

Recipe Challenge: colored cardstock, 3 brads, 3 buttons, stitching
Supplies: American Crafts cardstock kraft, Thickers "Doll" fabric (53171), Elements Various Buttons "Boo!" (85512); Studio Calico PP "Cooped Up" (SCPP0063);  We R Memory Keepers "Lace Notes" (41747-7), Sew Easy Floss "Jet Stream"; Pebbles Glitter Flower Brads "Happy Go Lucky" (747076), Bazzil In Stitchz' "Ivy" floss

Studio Calico Kit: Lawn Party

Although i didn't win anything I had a blast completing the challenges.  NSD weekend was a busy one for me between challenges, Dancing for Big Buddy and leaving for the beach the following day. I continued the SC challenges(along with working on Isabelle's dance album) while at the beach throughout the next week.

My NSD week concluded with an all day crop at my local Micheals the following Saturday.  I have mixed feelings about Micheals crops.  This was my first (as it was from most of us that attended) but i felt it was kinda thrown together.  Which was surprising because i began to get the emails about the event a week prior.  I arrived when it started at 9am but many trickled in throughout the day.  By the end they had 12 of use crammed into a small room with only 4 tables.  All in all the day was still productive.  I got a handful more of pages down for Isabelle's dance album plus 2 more layouts.  I also learned a lot from my fellow croppers, which for me is the whole reason i attend these type of events.  This would be were my Silhouette vs Cricut dilemma all started.  More on this in the previous post!

Silhouette vs. Cricut

So i have a dilemma!

I have outgrown my Slice.  While i like my Slice a lot because its light, doesn't take up much room in my scrap area and the design cards are cheaper than cricut, but it only cuts up to 4 inches and i can't weld letters together or create my own wordings.   So my thought was to sell my slice and all the accessories (which is a lot, retail i have over $1200).  Right now i have it listed locally but if anyone is interested let me know and im sure we can work out a deal. 

So i had it all worked out....

My birthday was coming up, i was going to ask hobby lobby/Micheals gift cards and between the money for my slice and gift cards i would be able to purchase the expression and gypsy.  I did my research, made a list of the design cards i wanted and other accessories.  Then i realized that cricut's design software is not compatible with MAC.  Not good Not good!  Ok no biggie, i would just load the software on my work laptop.   Then at my local Micheals NSD crop a fellow cropper introduced me to the "sure cuts a lot" software, which is MAC compatible.  Great forget cricut's software i will just use this instead.  Well come to find out SCAL is not compatible with the new cricut expression 2 and cricut is in the process of using SCAL.  once again NOT GOOD!   So im back to having to use only design cards.  I started pricing those and wow they are $90.  Good thing was my LSS lets you rent design cards and have cricut's you can use when you attend crops.  Figured i would design on my gypsy and cut with their cards when i went for the crops.  Sounds like a plan!

Ok onto the other side....Silhouette.

A couple of months ago had offered a silhouette bundle and a bunch of accessories and their steal of the day.  The price was actually about 1/2 off but didn't really know what the silhouette was so i moved on.  Well two weeks ago american crafts ran a week long blog posts about their designs and the silhouette.  I was intrigued!  I started researching the silhouette and realized it does just about everything the cricut does. It only cuts up to 9 inches where as the cricut cuts up to 12.  I doesn't need design cards and their design software is free and MAC compatible.  Wohoo!  You can import your own design (in .gsd format of course......i will be learning how to do this soon) and use any true type font.  You can purchase their design separately for $0.99 instead of buying the whole design cards.   Downfall with no design cards you now need a laptop to cut.  Not really a big one, but it would be great if there was an ipad "app for that"!

So here is my dilemma...... do i spend the money on the so praised cricut and have the convenience of my LSS and crops or do i get the silhouette and be the odd ball out.

Anyone out there in blog land who owns both and can vouch for either of these wonderful machines?   The plan is to have something purchased and learned by the end of the July in time for my LSS Weekend Camp Crop.

Friday, May 13, 2011

"A Week In The Life" ..... SMASH Style

I was one of the lucky smash fans to get a free mini SMASH!  yay for me!   Since SMASH production was delayed, I was saving my smash mini until i could get my hands on the big one.   Well no more, i put in my pre-order earlier in the week and decided to turn my smash into "A Week In The Life".

This past week was not a normal week for me being that I spent it at the beach but it sure made for a cute mini.


Smash Mini, American Crafts Heat Wave patterned paper, Remarks Dim SPF(42137), Accents Swell (42709), Font Sunset (42707), Chipboard Surfboard (42710), Serendipity CS 2 (42443), Mixed Tape Stream (61733), Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type Brown (TT579), Red (TT577), Green (TT580), Polaroid Pogo Mini Prints

Can't wait for the full SMASH line to show up on my doorstep in a couple of weeks!
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