Friday, May 27, 2011

I've been SMASHed!

Do you remember me telling you about the new hit that is SMASH?  Well I is my mini!  So while i was enjoying my beach vacation (early May), I was notified by SMASH via their blog that the whole line of SMASH product was available for pre-order with a shipping date of May 25th.   Wohoo!  quickly i ordered the whole line....well 2 books and the rest of the accessories......

my order

Product NumberProduct NameQtyUnit CostTotal Cost

837403Doodle Red SMASHFolio 1$12.99$12.99

837409Date SMASH Stamp 1$4.99$4.99

837420Blue SMASH Bands 1$1.99$1.99

837405Pretty Pink SMASH Folio 1$12.99$12.99

837421Black SMASH Stick 2$2.99$5.98

837419Folder SMASH Pockets 1$1.99$1.99

837418Secret SMASH Pockets 1$1.99$1.99

837412Retro SMASH Clips 1$2.99$2.99

837413Red & Blue SMASH Stickies 1$1.99$1.99

837402Like This SMASH Tape 1$2.99$2.99

837411Flag SMASH Clips 1$1.99$1.99

837410Paper SMASH Tabs 1$1.99$1.99

837401Black Dots SMASH Tape 1$2.99$2.99

837417Family SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837416Travel SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837415Word of Mouth SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837414Entertainment SMASH Pad 1$1.99$1.99

837407Birdie SMASH Mark 1$1.99$1.99

Order Totals

Product Subtotal:$67.81


Grand Total:$67.81
Not too bad, got free shipping because it was over $ this was on May 10th.  Fast forward to May 20th.... SMASH blog officially announces SMASH is available for purchase......that same afternoon i receive a notification that my order has shipped. 

So that was this past friday.   Checked and checked all weekend UPS was not updated with an estimated delivery date.  Come monday afternoon and their it was a delivery date of friday (today).  All week i have been refreshing the UPS tracking information, all on schedule till wednesday.  :(    Tracking information showed this: ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS.  Which defined by UPS means "The shipment is currently within the UPS network; however, adverse weather conditions could result in a change to the scheduled delivery date. If a change in delivery date occurs, the tracking status will be updated to reflect the new delivery date."   It did show where: NEW ORLEANS.   So now my SMASH is being held hostage about 45 minutes from my house.   I was so tempted to drive out to the shipping warehouse and demand my SMASH.   ok rant over

So this morning, i quietly checked UPS again and it showed that my SMASH did make it to my local UPS.  Ive been checking all day but doesn't show its been sent out for delivery.  Since i live down the street from my local UPS, I am normally the last drop off of the night.  So here is fingers crossing!  I plan to stop by on my way home and see if they will let me take my package if its not on the truck.

I will say i caved and purchased another book, the Mod Black from studio calico.  It was the pre-sale today for all subscribers and i just couldn't help myself.  Everyone was so excited about all the SMASH stuff available in the store.   I promise it will get used.....i was just afraid once i open my box i would have my first book filled the same day.

Which FYI....all of the Studio Calico add-on kits for this month include SMASH accessories and they are carrying the entire line including all four books.   Might wanna go soon, "pretty" pink is already sold out.


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