Friday, May 27, 2011

I've Been SMASHed! Update

So right before leaving work today, i checked the tracking status of my SMASH shipment one more time and found that it was updated to show that my package had been delivered to my local post office.  I mean come on,  UPS has to drive pass my house to get to the post office.   So i called the postman and he said i could pick it up today.   I got to the office just a moment to late.  I had to beg the postman to open the doors back up and release my package.  He is my new favorite person!

I didn't even make it out the parking lot before i ripped open the box.

Here is my loot!

 Also I couldn't resist and purchased the mod black and retro blue from Studio Calico.

Since I found out about SMASH, I have been collecting SMASHable items.  Not too much in this box, but plenty to get started.
 20 minutes after arrive home, I have two pages going......well a page and a pocket.
 I used the packaging from my mini SMASH to create a pocket to hold all my SMASH accessories.  Loving that SMASH tape, gives my pocket extra security!
So my first page was a tribute to the mini SMASH.  If you missed that post, its here.  I used the special mini (only given to 200 of SMASH's blog followers) to document "A Week In The Life"

Whew! I'm exhausted.......nap then more smashing ;)


Christina said...

can't wait to get my smash!

Anonymous said...

OMG your blog is awsome and i am going to buy right now a smashfolio cause you got me addicted!
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