Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Current Events Wednesday

Just a quick post today as this week is centering around DANCE and its quite busy.  Recital preparations are in full swing.  Day 1 of the Dress Rehearsal was last night. I am exhausted today!  Today is Day 2 following up with two recital shows on Saturday.   I'll leave you with a quick pic from last night.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Current Event Wednesday

I rember in grade school that my history teacher would assign us a current event project every friday.  This was his way to get us to read the newspaper at least once a week.  You got bonus points if you brought in an article that was different from anyone else.  I enjoyed this assignment( one of the few i didn't procrasinate). I would read the newspaper everynight and then put aside articles I thought were interesting.

Prompt 09 for shimelle's Blogging For Scrapbookers is to use a pattern in blogging.  I will admit i have tried this many times but never really kept up.  The past tries all had pictures needed to complete the posts.  I am going give myself the option on photos.  Starting today I will be doing Current Event Wednesday.  Instead of reporting on things happening in the news, I will list the current events in my life.

Let's begin:

  • bloggin for scrapbookers over at is in full swing...aka the inspiration for this post.  so far i am most up to date.  I have skipped a few prompts as the content did not come to me right away and put them aside for future posts.
  • Isabelle had her first reherasal for with Debbie Allen this weekend.  She so excited, she met some new friends and learned 2 of the dances.
  • Its awards week at the dance studio.  Isabelle received her 7th year charm and I myself received my 21 yr charm
  • Fabric sale this past weekend didn't go to well.  My aunt forgot to post an add in the local paper and soley relied on getting the word out on craigslist.  I believe she learned her lesson.  We did get a lot of the garage cleared out but I was not able to move any boxes from my house into the new one.
  • started packing up the craftroom for the move.  trying to organize as i go for easy access because the craftroom in the new house will be last room completed.
  • Bachelorette party coming up this weekend at the beach.  So excited but have a lot to do at work before friday.  Finished all the decorations for the party.  I will posts pics when we get back from the weekend.
  • loving my new ipad2, well i guess it isn't really new anymore.   still struggling with some things like posts pictures through blogger.  buy hey im sure they have an app for that

Monday, April 4, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to toon town....

Disneyland July 2010

I crack up everytime this photo shows up on my desktop.  Typical day in my goofball family.  This was inspired by prompt 08 of shimelle's blogging for scrapbookers.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Crafty Easter Decor

Ok lets talk Easter decor.  Since my house is in dis-array from all the packing and organizing going on, I just couldn't let Easter fly by without a little craftiness.  I found all these projects online from the many blogs I follow.

First up the subway art.  Last week cvs had a coupon for BOGO free enlargements and Hobby Lobby was having a sale on frames.  The print can be found here: Landee See, Landee Do.  There is also another one here:  Eighteen 25.  I normally stick with what the girls at Eighteen 25 create but the coupon was expiring and they hadn't released the easter one yet.  No sweat it is saved to print with the next batch when another cvs coupon comes around.  FYI..... Cvs charges $9.99 for 11 x 14 enlargement.  Both downloads come in 16x20 size, i merely printed in 11 x14.  With the BOGO i also had the st. patricks day, christmas, valentine and birthday ones printed.

Next is that adorable pom pom garland.  Again found at Eighteen 25.  I need to do some playing around with it.  It's not quite how i want it.

The instructions for the HOP letters can be found here: Craftomaniac.  I used chipboard letters from the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby.  I like the natural kraft color.  I simply used a dot brush( or at least that what i call it) from a pack of kid brushes to dab on the white dots.  Using directions from Craftomaniac i used the wooden dowels to glue the letters on top of each other.

That cute little basket weave bunny you see there is from the Easter section at Hobby Lobby, its all half off this week. 

And last is the Button Egg Frame.  Directions can be found here: Auntie Lolo Crafts.  I didn't have any burlap but did have scraps of silk left over, so i used that and bought a 5x7 frame yesterday.

I do plan to add these cute Origami Spring Bunnies i found at Marvelously Messy,  I ran out of crafty time last night.

What Easter/Spring craftiness do you have adorning your house?  Thanks for stopping by!
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