Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Current Event Wednesday

I rember in grade school that my history teacher would assign us a current event project every friday.  This was his way to get us to read the newspaper at least once a week.  You got bonus points if you brought in an article that was different from anyone else.  I enjoyed this assignment( one of the few i didn't procrasinate). I would read the newspaper everynight and then put aside articles I thought were interesting.

Prompt 09 for shimelle's Blogging For Scrapbookers is to use a pattern in blogging.  I will admit i have tried this many times but never really kept up.  The past tries all had pictures needed to complete the posts.  I am going give myself the option on photos.  Starting today I will be doing Current Event Wednesday.  Instead of reporting on things happening in the news, I will list the current events in my life.

Let's begin:

  • bloggin for scrapbookers over at is in full swing...aka the inspiration for this post.  so far i am most up to date.  I have skipped a few prompts as the content did not come to me right away and put them aside for future posts.
  • Isabelle had her first reherasal for with Debbie Allen this weekend.  She so excited, she met some new friends and learned 2 of the dances.
  • Its awards week at the dance studio.  Isabelle received her 7th year charm and I myself received my 21 yr charm
  • Fabric sale this past weekend didn't go to well.  My aunt forgot to post an add in the local paper and soley relied on getting the word out on craigslist.  I believe she learned her lesson.  We did get a lot of the garage cleared out but I was not able to move any boxes from my house into the new one.
  • started packing up the craftroom for the move.  trying to organize as i go for easy access because the craftroom in the new house will be last room completed.
  • Bachelorette party coming up this weekend at the beach.  So excited but have a lot to do at work before friday.  Finished all the decorations for the party.  I will posts pics when we get back from the weekend.
  • loving my new ipad2, well i guess it isn't really new anymore.   still struggling with some things like posts pictures through blogger.  buy hey im sure they have an app for that


Melissa said...

What a nice idea for a regular post. It'll also be a great way to remember things for scrapbooking.

De said...

I love this idea! I think current events are such an important thing to remember. I only ever journal the epically devastating current events, if it were a more regular process then maybe I could focus on some more uplifting topics. Cheers.

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