Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy week along with the Weekend Recap!

OH what a busy week it has been and it's only Tuesday. 

Let's start off with a recap from the weekend.  My weekend started early on Friday at 1:00 pm (half-day from being on call).  I ran a couple of errands and grabbed some lunch on the way home.  At this point it was almost 3 pm and I had a lot to do before the Company/Faculty sleepover at the studio.  I finished up the gifts (from my sister and I), packed, showered and headed off to walmart for snacks.

The sleepover was for the Faculty, Company and Company Prep( they only stayed for the first two hours cause they are all pretty young) at the dance studio. The girls had a blast!  Activities included "Crazy Pajama Contest", drawing of Big/Little Buddies, "Toliet paper fashion show", Improv dancing, old dance comeptition videos and plenty of eating.  I think those kids ate non-stop for 12 hours.  All that candy is probably why most of them didn't crash till 7:00 Am the next morning.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep, so Saturday and Sunday was spent catching up.  I also spent most of sunday (after church and lunch) editing the iDVD project with all 300 photos from sleepover.  It's so cute.....now just have to make like 40 copies to hand out.

Monday was back to work, and boy did I have a lot of work to do.  Im in the middle of 3 major projects(one being due today by my 1:30 meeting).  But on to the more fun, crafty stuff.

I am taking Elizabeth Dillow's Inspiration Defined class at BPS.  I will admit, I am a little behind on the assignments but I did manage to get my tumblr account setup.  You can find me here: http://moleskineadventures.tumblr.com/

Elizabeth Katcher's Piece By Piece class started on monday.  So far we have only gotten an assignment to gather our supplies.  I was able to order two teas from downeastbasics.com but they haven't arrived yet.  I do have the rest of the supplie put asside in a basket, including the kit for the class where Elizabethe die cutted the cutest flowers and butterflies.  More pictures to come when i complete my shirt.

May Flaum's Adventures in Scrapbooking: Use Your Stash and BPS starts tomorrow.  I took May's Camp Scrap class a couple of months ago.  Althought I didn't get as much layouts done as I would like too,  I loved loved loved the class.  Can't wait for UYS to start.

I'm signed up for two more BPS classes: Jen Molher's Saving Your Sanity: Throughout the Holiday Season and Georgana Hall's Cut the Crazy out of Christmas.  They don't start till the end of September and beginining of October but I have been gather the supplie and completing the pre-class assignments.

Today also starts the beginning of the HMR weightloss program at Our Lady Of the Lake Hospital.  More on this with a separte posts.

Well plenty of things going on this week, plus I have a few crafty projects that i have started to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  Oh and I REALLY need to clean my Craft Room, it looks like a war zone!


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