Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scrap Planner

Remember this notebook......
Well I finally finished its companion, just in time for CCL XX........
I simply altered a mini binder using the scraps  from KI Memories "Love Elsie, Zoe" page kit.  This binder is small enough to fit in my purse(well maybe my purse is just big enough to hold the binder) and has been my go-to for all things scrappy.  Ideas, magazine articles, thoughts, to-do lists, etc.

Its broken up into many sections with room to grow.  I took cardstock and patterned paper, 12x12 in size, folded up the bottom section, so it measure around 9 inches now, then folded the whole thing in half.  The good thing about the size of this binder is I can print two pages per sheet on any printer, cut in half and it fits perfectly.

The first section holds calendars printed from MS Word.  I then filled in the months and days.  I am using these calendars to keep track on all my BPS classes, crops, and upcoming scrappy project deadlines.
The second section holds my layout To-Do Lists.   Becky Higgins created this for Creating Keepsakes and I just happen to come across it online.  Link:
I have a sheet for each of my current albums (All About Me, People I Love, Things I Do, Places I Go) along with a sheet for each of these: Projects, Other Crafts, Holiday Ideas, Big Buddy Program Album for Tatianna/Taliyah, and Mini Albums.  The great thing about these lists and it has a section to check off the photos, page, and journal are complete.  That way when I go to print a big order of pictures (when CVS, walgreens or walmart has deals) I know whats been printed and what needs to be.
The next section has possible page titles and more detailed notes on current layouts.

The next section has sheets for planning page layouts.  I have them for both 12x12 and 8.5x11.  I found these at
Next up is a section that holds all my To-Do lists for current classes.  I usually take multiple classes and one time and this is a good way for me to keep up with assignments without having to print out all the handouts.
Then we moved onto the Inventory section.  I will admit I have not used this section yet.  The plan was to inventory my punches, markers, inks, stamps, etc. 
The last section is one of my favorites.  Its simple a picture and printout of contents of each of the Studio Calico kits I subscribe to monthly.  I tend to pull certain brands and papers out and when I'm done I like to put them back in their crop bags.
I hope you enjoyed a look into my OCD'ness.  I encourage each and everyone of you to create your own scrap planner.  I have yet to find a digital way of doing this, considering these pics were taken about a month ago when the planner was first completed.  Now its full of sticky notes, scraps of paper and random ramblings.


madebyKarla said...

Hi! What a great idea for a planner. I have a little idea book where I draw sketch or card layouts. I really like that you can put all kinds of stuff in yours. I've enjoyed checking out your blog. You can find me at

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