Thursday, December 30, 2010

Studio Calico Stamp Book and Kit Binder

What Can I Say?  I LOVE my Bind It All.  I happen to get it on sale at Hobby Lobby last year and every chance I get I used it on a project.  I have been looking into a way get my stamps into a visible and portable storage.  I have all the stamps from American Crafts that coordinate with their paper lines.  But I have to say my favorite stamps are those that come with the Studio Calico Kits.  They are so versatile and get used with almost every project.  Zutter had a kit (and unfortunately you can only get the needed page dividers with the kit or otherwise I would have purchased extra to make my binder twice the size) to create a stamp binder.  I purchased two figuring one could be used for all the Studio Calico stamps and then the other for the American Crafts one.  After assembling the binder I decided to save the second one for more Studio Calico stamps. Here is the binder put together.  I had some scrap packaging paper from SC latest stamp, So I used photo corners to attach the paper to the binder, in case I moved to a bigger one its removable.  Some American Crafts thickers later and look how cute this binder came out!
I tied tags to the coil to label each stamp, but as I use the binder I have notice they just get in the way and will be removing these soon.
So far my stamps are only on the front side of each acrylic page but as I added last months stamps and order January's kits with stamps, I only have one acrylic page left and will soon have to start using both sides. 
The frosted page dividers are great cause they keep the two acrylic pages with stamps from sticking and keep ink from getting on other stamps.  Cause lets face it, I''m Lazy and don't clean my stamps like I should
So remember those numerous Studio Calico kits I keep blogging about, well I needed a way to keep the contents organized even though they get separated and broken up from the original kits.  With November's kit I started printing a picture and kit contents out and housing them in a binder.  So when i decide i want to use just products from SC kits or need to document what the product is or which kit it came from(design challenge purposes) I know what's what.
I used basic page protectors from the office supply store that i had left over from college.  Slip the printouts in and like magic once again I am organized.  This binder sits right next to the basket that hold all SC kits in their crop bags.


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