Monday, October 25, 2010

Craft Room Organization - Pegboard

What do you do with all those items that are either too bulky to store in drawers or if you store them, you forget about them?

Now granted the pegboard by far isn't a new invention.  Most of the time you see it in a tool workroom or a garage.  The hooks and baskets are made primarly to hold things.  One great thing is they are heavy duty!

My pegboard was purchased at my local hardware store: Home Depot.  The hooks and baskets were actually found in the hardwared section of Walmart.  Home Depot just didn't have wire looking baskets, they were plastic instead.

As you see below in the picture, I have hooks holding buckets (found in the $ aisle of target), different size baskets, along with long hooks.
Buckets:  The buckets hold my decorative edge scissor collection and long thin books of rub-ons (Making Memories Font Collection).

Hooks: My prior storage system had embellishment collections bagged in jewerly bags and clasped together with binder rings.  These rings now are held on the hooks.  This give me a visual of what I have so they don't get filed in a drawer and never seen again.

Baskets:  My baskets in a variety of sizes holds many items. The first larger basket (looking from left to right) has large cans and bottles of specialty adhesives and spray paint. Most of this stuff was what was on the supply list from BPC's 52 Card Pickup class.  The middle large basket holds all my clear stamp accessores and a few clear stamps that haven't been filed.  My acrylic blocks, ink pads and stamp cleaner are in this basket.  The third large basket holds adhesives.  From tape runners, to 3D dots, to basic packing tape, Its all in this basket.

There are one medium basket and three small baskets on the pegboard.  The medium basket currently hold the cardstock and misc supplies to finish up the 52 Card Pickup class.  I fell behind and have a few cards left to finish. The first small basket (again left to right) holds the accesories to my Bind It All Machine.  The second baskets has Making Memories paint and a few canisters of glitter.  The final small basket holds the thread and accesories from my sewing machine.

Long Hooks: The long hooks are there to hold misc items.  Two the same size hung side by side create a shelf, like the ones up top that are holding my Making Memories eyelet setter kit and Pebbles chalk container.

This pegboard tends to get messy quickly as most things don't have "a place", but I like to re-arrange the stuff often.  The hooks and baskets allow me to make these changes without having to put additional holes in the wall.

Stay tuned, I have four more days of storage solutions.  Coming up is punches, chipboard and stencils.


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