Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing....Day 1-3

I am currently taking Amy Tangerine's Online class "Get Those Creative Juices Flowing...." and loving it! The first day of class we learned how to make our creative journals.   I purchased the kit for the class, so I had an Amy T original.  But now i know how to make my own and i have pulled aside a few scraps of my favorite papers.

The second day focused on washi new addiction.   I don't own any right now but i have a few rolls on order from ginko papers.  Amy did show us how to make our own using masking tape and sharpie markers.   I am a doodler so this was so much fun.   Here are my custom washi tapes.

Day three focused on hand stitching words on layouts.  I always wonder how Amy did this.  Since i will be using my creative journal for trying out the techniques in class, I stitched the title on the cover.  I think it came out so cute.  I did learn a couple of things with this exercise.  One, draw the letters bigger than you think and two, space out my holes more.

Can't wait for day four!


amytangerine said...

wow-that's a lot of sewing! fabulous job!

AmieeAya said...

hey! love your tape. and love your stitching. I learned the same things when I was stitching, and that cursive is a lot trickier than printing! Love your blog layout too, it's so pretty :)


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