Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weight loss Update - Week #8

I am happy to report that I have loss another 1.3 lbs bringing my total weight loss to 18.6 at a current weight of 179.8lbs. I have made it past the 180lb mark!  Next goal is to loose 25 lbs putting me to the half way mark.  Hopefully this happens by christmas time.

I would also like to note that today i took the tags off a size MEDIUM shirt bought from Target two years ago.  It was on the clearance rack and I didn't try it on before i bought it.  It has always been too tight around my waist.  Well Not Today!

On a sad note, I received blood test results back from our Healthy Living challenge at work and there is some concern for my Liver levels.  I have turned in the results to both my regular doctor and the nurse at the HMR office.  My regular doctor would like to run some more tests and depending on the cause of high levels, HMR is considering slowing down my weight loss.  After all this work and momentum, I hope this isn't the case.  I will report back next week once I hear more info.


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