Saturday, October 16, 2010

Craft Room Organization-Backstory and Overview

YAY! I have finally finished my Craft Room Organization project ( well almost, craft side is done, saving wrapping paper organization for another day).  Over the next couple of days/weeks I will share with all of you my storage solutions in detail.

Lets get started with a little background and before pictures.

Originally when i moved in 5 yrs ago, it was a spare bedroom.  I have a three bedroom house all to my self.  So the front bedroom which opens off the living room was my office.  I work from home one day a week so this was a need.    The middle bedroom off the kitchen is my actuall bedroom and the third became the guest room.  Then a two years ago I got tired of producing artwork on the kitchen table so it became an Art Room.   I pushed the bed and dresser to one side and took up the other 2/3 of the room for creativity.   Well the bed never go used so it go donated to a family member.  

In July of this year my cousin came to live with me for her last two semesters of college.  So i had to give up a bedroom.   Which should it be .... my office or art room..   Well there is only on bathroom in the house which connects the office and my bedroom so i had to give up my office.  Gasp!  Then came the decision to combine my office with the art room into a full functional office, crafts, scrapbooking, art, holdiay decoration storage room.  

So here is the first attempt.

It worked for a while.  Art Stuff in white cubes and shelf.   Scrapbooking office stuff in brown cube unit.   I even used the peg board to hold all my embellishment collections.  The white decorative shelf held chipboard letters in jars.   My aunt had recently moved into her new house at this point and she needed a place to house her black desk.   Well i jumped to it, its so roomie and i love how the legs allow for extra storage.  I placed the desk in the middle of the room to allow access to both sides of storage.  Well this didn't work out as planned.  Over the next two months i realized that i was not using any of the stuff stored on the pegboard and in white cubes.   I guess it was because it wan't in arms reach.

Even my roomate noticed it wasn't functional.  So reorg was set.  I needed to have all the scrapbooking supplies in one storage unit.  I re-arranged the white cubes and purchased four more.   All scapbooking supplies will be stored her.  All art supplies, office supplies and kids crafts will be stored in the black shelving unit.  

To accomplish this i had to removed everything from the room and de-stash.  I literally took over the kitchen!

So here is an overview of what the room looks like now:

More to come on individual storage solutions....

FYI.....In the process of re-organizing I did some stash minimizing.  All extra, unused supplies are available for sale on ebay.  My username is agtsnowflake.   I do offer combined shipping in cheapest flat rate box.


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