Monday, October 18, 2010

Craft Room Organization - Thickers, Thickers, and More Thickers! - DIY Clip It Up System

Ok, so lets talk American Crafts Thickers.   I have a ton.  Its an obsession.  I first had them stored in a basket on a shelf.  This worked for a while till, I collected way to many and out-grew the basket.   I love the idea of the clip-up system, but just don't see paying that much money and have it taking up couter space.   I researched, DIY clip up systems and found many options.  Here are links to a couple of my favorites:

The third one was my inspiration.   They used kitchen rails and hooks from Ikea.  The closest Ikea to me is in Dallas, TX.   Not going to happen.   So i modified it a bit.  I used a basic white curtain rod and drapery hooks from Target.  The rod is adustable which will help with my ever-growing collection.  The rings come in a pack of ten are priced at $4.99 a pack.  Now this can get expensive, espically if you need 100 rings, like I did.  But you will still come out cheaper than buying the clip it up system and all the extra clips.  The curtain rod runs around $9.  The rings come in three differnt colors: white, brown, and black.  My aunt owns a custom drapery workroom, So I asked her if she could get something similar.  And that she did!  She happen to have a fresh bag from her wholesaler with 100 rings and clips.  I wasn't too picky on the color considering they can be painted with basic acrylic paint or spray paint.  I will eventually paint mine white to match the rod, but I wanted to test out the system before I got that far.  Now the rings from target are actually lighter in weight then the one's my aunt got me.  As you can notice in the picture, the weight is significant and i will be added two to three more brackets. 

I have been using this system for a couple of weeks now and i have no complaints.  I color coded my thickers and it is so easy to just browse through looking for the perfect one.  I am also using this system to store American Crafts stamps and remarks in their original packaging.

Well I hope this gives ya'll another option for Thicker storage.  Stay tuned for more organization options.


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