Friday, October 15, 2010

BPC Classes/Halloween Decorations

I am currently taking three classes at Big Picture Classes along with a Creativity class by Amy Tangerine.  Here is an update on how the classes are going.

Class #1: Saving Your Santity: Throughout The Holiday Season - Jen Molher

This class has been great.  The pre-class assignment was to alter a small memo pad to hold ideas and thoughts for the holiday season.  Here is mine:

The first week we tackled putting together our Holiday Project box.  It consists of Dividers and notecards to hold all the wished to-do ideas.

I think my dividers turned out real cute.  The class only had instructions up through new years but i extended my dividers all the way to easter.  Being from Louisiana, our holiday season falls well into April with Valentines Day, Mardi Gras and Easter.

Another great thing about this class is all the ideas that are shared on the message board for decorations, recipes, home decor and gifts.  At the end of this post I will show you my Halloween crafts.

Week two consisted of Holday projects: cards, a fall wreath, and Christmas Canvas.  I don't send out cards for halloween and i did a halloween wreath this year instead of a fall one.  These two projects have been filed in my box as possiblities for next year.  I have yet to do the canvas but its on my list to complete next month after all the halloween parties are over.

Week three just started and the first two assignments are a halloween tin gift and a shadow box decor.  The tin holds a mini album and the shadow box is for thanksgiving.  These are both being filed for next year also.   Before the class started I purchased the shadow box but decided to use it to display last years holiday layouts.  Right now it holds trick or treat from 2009.

Class #2: Fun With Fabric - Donna Downey

Although we are will into week 3 of this class, I have yet to do one of the projects.   I have been following along with the videos and message board, but i am waiting for the week when we do the apron and fancy ladies.  So more on this class to come.

Class #3: Cut The Crazy Out Of Christmas - Georgana Hall

This class just started this past thursday and already I am quite exicted.  The premises behind the class is to put together a christmas binder to organize to-do lists for the upcoming season.   Plenty of print-outs are provided.  I will post a picture as soon as my binder is decorated.

Amy Tangerine's "Get Those Creative Juices Flowing" Class

Amy is hosting an online class right for the next two weeks.   Already I have learned so much:  How to sew a journal, make your own washi tape, and handsewn lettering on layouts.  She has also shown us what she packs to scrap when she travels.  I tried this on our last trip to california this past july.  I brought way too much and had too high of expectations.  Here is the link to the posts for my creations in the class:

I am in the process of putting together a scrap kit for Isabelle for her birthday coming up on the 23rd.  More to come on this.....


With three upcoming halloween themed parties: Isabelle's B-day, My Sis's Costume Party and Trick Or Treat at my House, I have been having a pretty crafty month.  

Isabelle's party will be halloween themed with costumes and a trip to the museum.  I have been helping my aunt get ready for this!

My sister and her roomates are having a adult costume halloween party on the 30th.  I offered to help with the decorating. 

Trick or Treat this year is being held at my house in the neighborhood.  I will be using the same decorations for both parties.

Below are pictures and links to instructions.   I will also include the recipes for the food i will be serving at the party.

Spooky Letters from AC Blog:
I used American Crafts "Halloween" line to cover some bought white letters from Hobby Lobby.  There are found in the home decor isles.  Since they aren't flush on the bottom, I glued them to a painted 2x4.

I used the same AC line to create the wreath

Candy Corn Garland:
This was mentioned on the message boards of the SYS BPC class.  I was so easy to make.  Instead of using the paper plates and paint, i just cut the circles out 12x12 cardstock and rounded the edges with my rounder punch from the Paper Studio.  This would be a great craft at a school halloween party.

Halloween Hangups:

I found this on Martha Stewarts blog.  It includes the full supply list and instructions.  It was a little time consuming with all the folding.  But once complete they are the cutest thing ever.

Candy Corn Wreath:
This was also a suggestion from the SYS message board.  It was very time consuming.  In the beginning it was meant to be a gift for my aunt, but once complete I couldn't part with it.  I am in the processing of making and 2nd one for her.

Treats on the table:

I covered some hershy bars very similar to this post from the AC Blog:

Monster Eyes:
These are so easy and so cute but the last two times i have been to Michaels, I couldn't find the stickers.  I will try once more this weekend.

Drippy Goo Bag Toppers:
I have the ingredients but not quite put together.  Its on the list.

Broom Candy Bags:
I might get to this, I have extra candy corn left from the wreaths.

Party Menu:  I did some of these last year and they were a hit!

Witches' Brew Punch:


Ginger said...

Wow! You really are busy! I thought about taking Cut the Crazy & Saving Your Sanity classes but did not feel I could devote the time... Love your folders!

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