Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Baby Gift & CCL

As promised here is a roundup of all the craftiness that happened this weekend......

Just a warning, it is a long posts full of pictures, so if I loose you please come back later to finish.

First off on last Monday night my roomate informs me that she has a baby shower for a friend on Saturday and needs help with a gift.  I said sure I can help but we would have to get it done by Thursday night as I would be at the CCL crop all weekend.

She shows me a picture of what the mother(her friend) found online.  You see she is decorating the baby's nursery in "Sock Monkeys",  I mean how cute is that.  She found this picture of a bulletin board:

Being the creative person that I am, I told her to meet me at Hobby Lobby on Tuesday after work.  I was pretty sure we could just find a frame with knobs in the home decor section and just add cork, fabric and the letters.  Well I was wrong....  We went aisle to aisle finding nothing that even resembled the picture.  Then we though we would just frame a piece of cork and add our own knobs.  All framing at hobby lobby was on sale.  Unfortunately none of the frames we found were made of wood and could be drilled through without cracking the frame.  We them moved onto finding the cork and fabric.  Found the perfect gingham plaid!  The cork came in rolls or a pack of 4 12x12.  I told my roomate that in the unfinished wood section they have 12x12 frames that I have used before the frame my scrapbooking layouts.  We ventured over to the wood area and decided to buy two because one just wasn't big enough.  We went to the knob section and found the cutest red porcelain knobs but decided they wouldn't work because the frame was not thick enough and would not sit flush against the wall.  Back to the unfinished wood section.  We found knobs there and decided to just paint and use wood glue to adhere them on the frames.   Off to the house we go.  On Thursday we started assembling our project.  Simply put we painted the two frames black and the knobs red.  Had to give it a couple of coats because the wood was just absorbing the paint.  I then hand painted the letters in an off white and outlined in the same red.   My roomate cut 12x12 pieces of the fabric and adhered using hot glue to the cork.  We them framed the cork and was done.  The frames came out so cute and project costs less than $30 for all supplies (granted we had each a 40% coupon for the frames)

No on to the rest of my weekend....

A couple of months ago I blogged about signing up for Memory Mania's CCL (Camp Crop A-Lot) Weekend Retreat.  I have been so excited about attending my first ever crop.  I spent every spare minute I had (and one's I didn't) preparing for this.  I made sure all my pictures were printed and categorized,  cleaned up my studio calico kits and started packing.  I managed to only end up bringing to file crates plus and organizer tote caddy and a bag tote full of supplies.  I brought nothing compared to what the other ladies did.  One even showed up with a double size wagon on wheels full of stuff.  Most had drawers and drawers of paper, boxes full of stickles (glitter) and I can't even count the displays of ribbon. And to top it all off Memory Mania had there store relocated to the crop room.  So if you didn't bring it, it could be bought at the store. 

The retreat started at 9:00 am on Friday morning and believe me I was as the hotel at 8:30 and there was already a line forming.  We filed into the registration area and were given a 12x12 gift box to hold completed layouts, our badge, and any t-shirts or page kits purchased.  I did purchase a t-shirt and one page kit with the theme of the retreat .... "Scrappin' Vegas Style".  It had speciality papers with the weekend's theme so I could scrap my first ever crop.

I then found my assigned table ( B10) and was quite surprised it was located next the wall. Even better, I had access to power and a garbage can.  I quickly ventured backed to my car and unloaded my supplies.  Thanks to my aunt, I had a old luggage cart on wheels that held both of the crates.

The process of organizing began.  It took me nearly an hour to unload and set up my work station.  With only a four foot table space, I had to be creative on the way I set things up.  Since I had two crates, one held nothing but my studio calico and american craft kits.  This was perfect cause it kept everything contained and organized.  The other crate held various supplies and all my thickers and remarks.  I re-arranged the supplies leaving just the thickers and remarks in the crate.  On my four foot area, I had my martha stewart craft matt, my tool caddy, the box of pictures(all organized, so proud of myself), and the 12x12 gift box.  In my tool caddy was numerous, rub-ons, letter sheets, bits and pieces.  I removed those and organized them into the 12x12 box.  The table behind me was empty so my group used that area to dry and stack our finished layouts.  Here is the picture of my space at the end of the first day.
On to the completed layouts.....

I completed 21 total, 20 single page and 1 double page.  Wow that is record for me!  Normally I get 3 or so done each month. 

In preparation for the crop, I went in with a list of layouts I wanted to tackle.  Granted the list had around 40 items.  Most importantly I had to Taliyah's and Taitannia's big buddy albums up to date before the traditional match ceremony.  Their layouts were top priority and that is what i completed first.
Album: Taliyah's Big Buddy
Supplies: My Mind's Eye - So Sophie Paper "Family Ties" (SS1047), American Crafts Thickers - Nikki Rikki (53038), Ki Memories - Hip Chip White Graph (4939)
Album: Taliyah's Big Buddy

Supplies: American Crafts - Abode Paper - "Skyline Drive" (35078), My Mind's Eye Paper - Lush Brown Houndstooth (LV1012), Studio Calico Paper - "Air Show" (SCPP0040), Pebbles Paper - Treehouse "Sunset" (751029), Buzz and Bloom - "On Cloud Nine" Azure (009112), American Crafts Thickers - Apartment Glossy (53013/53014)
Kit: Studio Calico "Partly Sunny"

Album: Taliyah's Big Buddy
Supplies: Making Memories rub-ons - Alpha "Misunderstood" navy (25829), Basic Grey Marjolaine Expresson "Souffle'" (MRJ-2917), Blommers Majolaine (MRJ-2952), American Crafts Elements - Pearl Metallic (85319), Mixed Tape, Glitz Teeny Alpha Brown Round (C-2792), Cosmo Cricket TinyType - (TT570)
Album: Taliyah's Big Buddy
Supplies: American Crafts Teen paper - "Honor Roll" (34632), Remarks-MOMA CS3 (42492), Thickers - Root Beer Float (42731)
Album: Tatianna's Big Buddy

Supplies: American Crafts - Abode Paper - "Skyline Drive" (35078), My Mind's Eye Paper - Lush Brown Houndstooth (LV1012), Studio Calico Paper - "Air Show" (SCPP0040), Pebbles Paper - Treehouse "Sunset" (751029), Buzz and Bloom - "On Cloud Nine" Azure (009112), American Crafts Thickers - Apartment Glossy (53013/53014)
Kit: Studio Calico "Partly Sunny"

Album: Tatianna's Big Buddy

Supplies: Making Memories rub-ons - Alpha "Misunderstood" navy (25829), Basic Grey Marjolaine Expresson "Souffle'" (MRJ-2917), Blommers Majolaine (MRJ-2952), American Crafts Elements - Pearl Metallic (85319), Mixed Tape, Glitz Teeny Alpha Brown Round (C-2792), Cosmo Cricket TinyType - (TT570)
Album: Tatianna's Big Buddy
Supplies: American Crafts Teen paper - "Honor Roll" (34632), Remarks-MOMA CS3 (42492), Thickers - Root Beer Float (42731)
Album: Things I Do
Supplies: October Afternoon Paper - Schoolhouse "Workbook" (PP-560), American Crafts Thickers - Bones (53097), Mixed Tape, Remarks - Flurry Dim (42140), Making Memories - Paper Reverie Noir
(35800), Noel Ledger Envelopes (35599)
Kit: Studio Calico - Metro/Mas Transit
Album: Things I Do
Supplies: American Crafts Paper - Merrymint "Divinity", Remarks - JFK Neutral 1 (42482), Flurry Dim (42140), Minimarks - Yummy Phrases & Accents (43358), Little Yellow Bicycle - Felt Snowflake garland (25D-218)
Album: Things I Do
Supplies: Basic Grey Paper - Ouvia (2642), Cabochons Pearls - Lit Pink (5668), My Mind's Eye - Lost and Found Madison Ave "Happily Ever After" Trims (LF1058), American Crafts Thickers - Heart (53093)
Album: Things I Do
Supplies: Ameircan Crafts Thickers - Patchwork Blk Fabric (42975), Minimarks - Calendar Ned Jr (43181)
Album: Places I Go
Supplies: October Afternoon Paper - Seaside Harbor (PP-531), Boardwalk (PP-525), Seashells (PP-530), American Crafts Thickers - Giggles Foam (42796)
Album: Places I Go
Supplies: American Craft "Dear Lizzy" Enchanted Paper - Fashionable Peony (35266), Thickers - Rockabye Leaf (42956), Basic Grey - Stitched Brads (MET-3044)
Album: Places I Go

Supplies: Basic Grey Paper - Wander Metropolis (WAN-2974), Paper Studio - Alpha Rub-ons Kids Play (532481), American Crafts Thickers - Nikki Rikki Glitter (53038), Apartment Glossy (53013)

Album: Places I Go
Supplies: Studio Calico Paper - Geographic (SCPP0042), Girl's Paperie - On Holiday travel text (GP65035), Paper Cuts (GP65037), American Crafts Elements - Glitter Brads Primaries (85345)
Kit: Studio Calico Contiental
Album: People I Love
Supplies: American Crafts Teen Paper, Thickers - Rootbeer Float Foam blk (42731), Tiara Glitter Taffy (42948), Details - Fierce (78012), Remarks - Texting Journaling (42533), Awesome Clr (43318), Minimarks - Diva Accents (43318), Flair - Blah Blah Blah (70015)
Album: People I Love
Supplies: Studio Calico Paper - "Basketfull" (SCPP0054), Pink Paislee - Pretty Lace (00380),My Mind's Eye - Lost and Found "Happily Ever After" Trims (LF1058)
Album: All About Me
Supplies: Sassafras Paper - Indi Girl Pocahontas & Me (11413), American Crafts Elements - City Park Assort Brads (85517), Remarks - Dear Lizzy Enchanted Phrases (42181)
Album: All About Me
Supplies: October Afternoon Paper - Camp Fire Animal Tracks (PP-545), American Crafts Thickers - Flat Chipboard (53017), Mixed Tape
Album: All About Me
Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Paper - Ginger (CSP774), American Crafts Thickers - Sprinkles Glitter (42889)
Album: All About Me
Supplies: My Mind's Eye - Alphabet Soup Sunny Stripes (AS1016), Jenni Bowlin - Brown Label strip stickers (SK365)

I hope you enjoyed the wrap up of my weekend.  As you can see it was very productive.  If you are from the Louisiana area or don't mind traveling, I would defintely recommend Memory Mania's Camp Crop Alot.  There is one coming up in July, registration should open in April.  If you sign up, let them know you got the info from me.  Also I will attending their friday night crops at least once a month.  Hope to see many of ya'll there.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Art Journal Monday

Welcome to this edition of "Art Journal Monday".  I will admit I messed up last week and did an update on art journal on monday and wednesday.  It's only suppose to be on monday so I don't have that much to share with you.  

Here are my entries from January 5th and 6th.  I had  been getting prepared for CCL and all I had on my brain was what I needed to pack for the crop.  Janurary 6th consisted of a long day at work, so I used my lunch break to document my current workspace.  Boring I know....

CCL was Friday and Saturday so I didn't get any art journaling done.  I did bring it with me but was having too much fun whipping out layouts that when I though about it, it was 2:00 in the morning as I was driving home.  I was way too tired to do anything.  So no entry for the 7th or 8th.  Also no entry for the 9th because I spent majority of the day sleeping and preparing table decor for the my cousin's engagement party this saturday.

I plan to start back up with my journal tonight.  I find that the only time I have to doodle is either on my lunch break and before I go to bed.

Stay tuned!

Look for a long, picture infested post tomorrow as I recap my weekend and post all 21 layouts that were completed at the crop.

Until next Monday, happy art journaling!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art Journal Wednesday

Welcome to "Art Journal Wednesday"!

So far I have be doing well with the project, keeping up with making an entry everyday.  Granted its only been 4 days but hey that is a start!  So here is one completed page in my journal that spans January 2nd thru January 4th.

My pens of choice are American Crafts Slick Markers.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Gratitudes - April thru December

To continue on from the post last week.  Here is rest of the basic pages for my 2011 Gratitudes mini book.

For April I chose American Crafts "Dear Lizzy Spring".  I love this line, all the floral makes me smile.
April - Front Pages
April - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Dear Lizzy Spring" Paper - "Beehive Brunch" (35091), "Flowering Fields" (35086), "Friendly Fern" (35092), "Dragonfly Dance" (35097), "Sweet Strawberry" (35100); Remarks - "Frolic" Accent (42705), "Flutter" Dimensional (42702); Minimarks - "Perch" Accents (43377)

For May I used the "Backyard" line because of all the cute Lemonade stand stickers.  As a child we use to sit at the end of the driveway at my aunt's house selling lemonade to the locals.  We never made any money but it was so much fun.
May - Front Pages
May- Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Backyard" Paper - "Ribbit" (34688), "Splash" (34697); Remarks - "Backyard" Accents, "Shade" Journaling (42542), "Sun" Transparent Accents (42544)

For June I went with "Heat Wave" because here in Louisiana, we get heat waves year round.  On New Years Eve it was in the 70's.
June - Front Pages

June - Back Pages

Supplies: American Crafts "Heatwave" Paper - "Tangerine Tidal Wave" (35113), "Radical Raspberry" (35115), "Lucky Lime" (35106), "Cherry Cowabunga" (35108), "Molten Melon" (35117); Remarks - "Snapper" Journaling (42708), "Surfboard" Chipboard (42710), "Swell Accents" (42709)

July features on my all time favorite lines, American Crafts "Craft Fair".  This line is all me, DIY, cooking, sewing, just all things crafty....and it has those cute owls.  July seems to be the time during the year that I get a lot of crafts project done (or at least started).

July - Front Pages
July - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Craft Fair" Paper - "Ethel Dartsmith" (34735), "Sally Patchrick" (34737), "Pearl Bobbinhauser" (34718), "Ida Zipperelli" (34734), "Doris Spooler" (34729); Remarks - "Veggies" Journaling (42546); Minimarks - "Berry Special" Phrases (43330)

For August I used American Craft "Travel" line because my family tends to do a lot of traveling in the month of August.  I have used this line for numerous trips.  For our California adventure last year I created Isabelle (my 9yr old cousin) a travel journal filled with all kinds of car and plane games plus places for her to document each day of the trip and autographs from characters in Disneyland.  We were in California for 11 days so this kept her real busy.  I used nothing but American crafts Travel Line along with card stock for this project.
August - Front Pages
August - Back pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Travel" Paper - "Reservation" (34591), "Visa" (34597), "Map" (34592); Remarks - "Landmark" Journaling (42603), "Airport" Journaling (42605), "Station" Accents (42604)

American Crafts "Teen", oh what an adorable line.  I chose this for September because it reminds me of Back to School.  I have altered basic school supplies with this line for gifts this past year.

September - Front Pages
September - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Teen" Paper - "Sadie Hawkings" (34647), "Honor Roll" (34632), "Passing Notes" (34643), "Drill Team" (34637), "Study Hall" (34645); Remarks - "Awesome" Accents Transparent Blk/Wht (942536), Color (42535), "Texting" Journaling 942533); Minimarks - "Diva" Accents (43318)

For October, I used up the scraps I had of American Crafts "Halloween" line from all the decor that was created this past year for Halloween. 
October - Front Pages
October - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Halloween" Paper - "All Hallows Eve" (34776), "Grimm" (34782), "Howl" (34783), "Friday the 13th" (34797), "Creepy" (34792); Remarks - "Crawly" Accents (42554), "Creepy" Phrases (42557)

I recently purchased (on sale I might add) the Abode line from American Crafts.  All the home decor projects i can complete with this line are rolling through my mind.  This was my pick for November.  Look at all those warm thanksgiving-ny colors!
November - Front Page
November - Back Pages
Supplies: American Craft "Abode" Paper - "Blossom Road" (35061), "Magnolia Lane" (35062), "Walnut Street" (35064), "Chateau Court" (35072), "Cherryhill Ave" (35063); Details - "Pantry" (78029); Remarks - "Fork" Journaling (42691), "Spoon" Phrases (42697)

Last up is December.  I went with American Crafts older Christmas line "Merrymint".  I had just enough pieces to complete these five pages.  I love all the snowy accents with this line, it brings dreams of a white Christmas.

December - Front Pages
December - Back pages

Supplies: American Craft "Merrymint" Paper - "Licorice" (34905), "Candy Cane Lane" (34898), "Thin Mint" (34910), "Divinity" (34902), "Pecan Pie" (34900); Remarks - "Icing" Journaling (42658)

This completes the basis of the album.  I currently working on the front and back cover.  I am using two pieces of blackboard from a mini album kit.  I have decided to cut 6x.5 inch strips of each of the patterned papers used in the album and glue these on the covers.  Once I label the front.....I have decided on the title of " 356 Grateful Days in 2011", all I have to do now is fill in my daily gratitiudes.  Stay tuned as I am labeling Wednesday to be "Gratitude" Wednesday.  Each week I will posts the complete daily gratitiudes from the previous week.  I would love for you to follow along or even better create a gratitude journal of your own.  I mean hey! everyone have something to grateful for each and every day.

Art Journal Monday

I am officially make every Monday, "Art Journal" Monday.  I have joined Julie over at her blog for "Art Journal Everyday".  Basically the goal is to spend 10 minutes everyday in your art journal.  I will admit that I have trouble with completing projects. I get going good in the beginning and then when times get tough I quit.  One of my new years resolutions is to "Finish all started Projects".  With "Art Journal Everyday" there is no pressure to complete a full page every day, but to do at least 10 minutes of art.  That seems manageable.

I decided to use a large Moleskine Watercolor notebook that I have had for a while.  With the pages being made for watercolor, I am sure that no matter what i put on these pages they will hold up.

The first day of the new year brought many hopes for me.  All day long I had running through my head things I would like to accomplish in the new year. Once I started writing the words started flowing. 

So here is to 2011, looking forward to all things achievable.

If you would like to join me on this journey of art journaling, take a look over at Julie's blog and you can sign up to be listed as a participant.  There is also a flickr group that Julie has created to share our art journal entries.  I will be linking mine up as I complete each page.
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