Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Gratitudes - April thru December

To continue on from the post last week.  Here is rest of the basic pages for my 2011 Gratitudes mini book.

For April I chose American Crafts "Dear Lizzy Spring".  I love this line, all the floral makes me smile.
April - Front Pages
April - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Dear Lizzy Spring" Paper - "Beehive Brunch" (35091), "Flowering Fields" (35086), "Friendly Fern" (35092), "Dragonfly Dance" (35097), "Sweet Strawberry" (35100); Remarks - "Frolic" Accent (42705), "Flutter" Dimensional (42702); Minimarks - "Perch" Accents (43377)

For May I used the "Backyard" line because of all the cute Lemonade stand stickers.  As a child we use to sit at the end of the driveway at my aunt's house selling lemonade to the locals.  We never made any money but it was so much fun.
May - Front Pages
May- Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Backyard" Paper - "Ribbit" (34688), "Splash" (34697); Remarks - "Backyard" Accents, "Shade" Journaling (42542), "Sun" Transparent Accents (42544)

For June I went with "Heat Wave" because here in Louisiana, we get heat waves year round.  On New Years Eve it was in the 70's.
June - Front Pages

June - Back Pages

Supplies: American Crafts "Heatwave" Paper - "Tangerine Tidal Wave" (35113), "Radical Raspberry" (35115), "Lucky Lime" (35106), "Cherry Cowabunga" (35108), "Molten Melon" (35117); Remarks - "Snapper" Journaling (42708), "Surfboard" Chipboard (42710), "Swell Accents" (42709)

July features on my all time favorite lines, American Crafts "Craft Fair".  This line is all me, DIY, cooking, sewing, just all things crafty....and it has those cute owls.  July seems to be the time during the year that I get a lot of crafts project done (or at least started).

July - Front Pages
July - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Craft Fair" Paper - "Ethel Dartsmith" (34735), "Sally Patchrick" (34737), "Pearl Bobbinhauser" (34718), "Ida Zipperelli" (34734), "Doris Spooler" (34729); Remarks - "Veggies" Journaling (42546); Minimarks - "Berry Special" Phrases (43330)

For August I used American Craft "Travel" line because my family tends to do a lot of traveling in the month of August.  I have used this line for numerous trips.  For our California adventure last year I created Isabelle (my 9yr old cousin) a travel journal filled with all kinds of car and plane games plus places for her to document each day of the trip and autographs from characters in Disneyland.  We were in California for 11 days so this kept her real busy.  I used nothing but American crafts Travel Line along with card stock for this project.
August - Front Pages
August - Back pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Travel" Paper - "Reservation" (34591), "Visa" (34597), "Map" (34592); Remarks - "Landmark" Journaling (42603), "Airport" Journaling (42605), "Station" Accents (42604)

American Crafts "Teen", oh what an adorable line.  I chose this for September because it reminds me of Back to School.  I have altered basic school supplies with this line for gifts this past year.

September - Front Pages
September - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Teen" Paper - "Sadie Hawkings" (34647), "Honor Roll" (34632), "Passing Notes" (34643), "Drill Team" (34637), "Study Hall" (34645); Remarks - "Awesome" Accents Transparent Blk/Wht (942536), Color (42535), "Texting" Journaling 942533); Minimarks - "Diva" Accents (43318)

For October, I used up the scraps I had of American Crafts "Halloween" line from all the decor that was created this past year for Halloween. 
October - Front Pages
October - Back Pages
Supplies: American Crafts "Halloween" Paper - "All Hallows Eve" (34776), "Grimm" (34782), "Howl" (34783), "Friday the 13th" (34797), "Creepy" (34792); Remarks - "Crawly" Accents (42554), "Creepy" Phrases (42557)

I recently purchased (on sale I might add) the Abode line from American Crafts.  All the home decor projects i can complete with this line are rolling through my mind.  This was my pick for November.  Look at all those warm thanksgiving-ny colors!
November - Front Page
November - Back Pages
Supplies: American Craft "Abode" Paper - "Blossom Road" (35061), "Magnolia Lane" (35062), "Walnut Street" (35064), "Chateau Court" (35072), "Cherryhill Ave" (35063); Details - "Pantry" (78029); Remarks - "Fork" Journaling (42691), "Spoon" Phrases (42697)

Last up is December.  I went with American Crafts older Christmas line "Merrymint".  I had just enough pieces to complete these five pages.  I love all the snowy accents with this line, it brings dreams of a white Christmas.

December - Front Pages
December - Back pages

Supplies: American Craft "Merrymint" Paper - "Licorice" (34905), "Candy Cane Lane" (34898), "Thin Mint" (34910), "Divinity" (34902), "Pecan Pie" (34900); Remarks - "Icing" Journaling (42658)

This completes the basis of the album.  I currently working on the front and back cover.  I am using two pieces of blackboard from a mini album kit.  I have decided to cut 6x.5 inch strips of each of the patterned papers used in the album and glue these on the covers.  Once I label the front.....I have decided on the title of " 356 Grateful Days in 2011", all I have to do now is fill in my daily gratitiudes.  Stay tuned as I am labeling Wednesday to be "Gratitude" Wednesday.  Each week I will posts the complete daily gratitiudes from the previous week.  I would love for you to follow along or even better create a gratitude journal of your own.  I mean hey! everyone have something to grateful for each and every day.


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