Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weightloss Countdown Week #3

Week #3 officially started Tuesday, so I am a little behind on posting the update.  Here we go!  Week #2 wasn't as productive as I would have liked it to be.  I only lost .9 lbs bringing my total weightloss to 6.4.  I believe this was due to a number of factors.  One, there was two days last week that i fell "out the box".  I had a handful of cashews, which although calorie wise are bad, fat wise they are, and the salt retains water.  I will not do this again.....not worth the non-loss of weight.  Two, I tripled my PA(physical activity), before this program, I had one day of dance class. Now added to the day of dance class is at least 4 days of moderate intensisity walking.  So the added muscle as weight.  Three, it was a water retaining week of the month.

Forgeting my days out of the box, I did managed to make it 6 days meeting my minimun prescription of HMR foods.  The one day that I didn't was a day of working from home and I was really busy.  I made up the missed two shakes throughout the week with the pudding, so i did end up with my minimun prescription for the week.

The HMR coach has challenged me to have at some PA everyday of the week.   So far I haven't done it.  I had the dance PA on tuesday but no PA yesterday.  But I am going to attempt to get some in rest of the week.  I am also challenging myself to stay in the box all week.   That barely one pound loss was not worth the cashews.


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