Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up and Upcoming Classes

It's been a busy week around my house.  The Roomate and I have been de-stashing and re-arranging the craft room.  We spent all day Saturday moving stuff out the room and make "keep", "donate", and "ebay" piles in the kitchen and re-arranging furniture.  I purchased four more modular storage cubes from Michaels last friday at 50% off and then an additional 15% off.  Gotta love coupons!  Since the Roomate had to study on Sunday, I enlisted Isabelle as a helper.  We managed to get alot done till the wall shelving unit decided to come crashing down on top of me.  Luckly, Isabelle was in the kitchen dancing.  We then spent the rest of the day creating my own clip-up system using a curtian rod and rings.  Over 75 packages of AC thickers, remarks and stamp sets were hung.  Later in the day, the pegboard(to which the curtain rod is attached at the bottom) fell off the wall also.  Shelf and pegboard have been put aside till the Roomate's BF comes over to hang it "properly" for me.  Before and After pictures to follow in a later post once the room is complete with detailed organization solutions.

Although I did not get any layouts done for May Flaum's "Use Your Stash" class a BPC( now Big Picture Classes), I will count this weeks organization accomplishments.  I was able to get together four printer paper boxes full of "to ebay" scrapbooking stuff.  Look for a later post with links to my ebay store.  I have tons of AC products, page kits, embellishments to match and grab bags.  All stuff will be shipped in flat rate boxes, so the more you buy the more i can stuff in the boxes.

"Use Your Stash" class ends tomorrow and I am quite sad.  I haven't accomplished my goal of 20 layouts (5 per week) but I did get a list together of layouts I would like to make.  I have been working on a Scrap Planner to go along with my Scrap Notes Notebook. The planner has sections for calendars to hold upcoming classes and crops, Project Lists, Page Planners, and Inventory.  I love my Scrap Notes Notebook for jotting down found ideas and class notes, but i needed and more organzied system with tasks and lists.  Once its complete, I will post pictures and details about it section.

On to upcoming classes.....

On Thursday, two more classes from BPC will start.  Donna Downey's "Fun with Fabric", which i won a spot in from Big Pictures Blog and Jen Molher's "Saving Your Santity: Throughout the Holiday Season".

Since I didn't have to pay for the "Fun with Fabric" class (priced at $99 and registration is still open), I was able to spend the money to order some the needed supplies and kits.  There are 10 projects total, but i can't afford the supplies for all ten at once.  I did purchase the "pretty ladies" kit and the basic canvas apron.  I will defintly be following along with those two lesson during the class and will pick up the rest of the supplies over the next couple of months.  I love how BPC classes have forever access to instructions. 

Jen Molher's class is going to help me prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  I hope to get out of it, some new ideas for holiday organzation, home decor and page layouts.

Later in the month Two more classes from BPC begin along with Amy Tangerine's first online class (So excited about this).

Georgana Hall's "Cut the Crazy Out of Christmas" runs from 10/14-11/10.  This class produces a Christmas binder to help with the craziness during christmas time.

Elisha Snow's "Get Great Photos with Any Camera" runs from 10/28 - 11/24.  This class is geared toward beginner photographers to learn the basics using any type of camera.  I am hoping to learn how to use some of the settings on my SLR besides Auto.

If you would like to sign up for any of the Big Picture Scrapbooking classes please do so using this link for refer a friend:

Registration Code: 25865ABE - or - Link: http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/register.php?refer=25865ABE

Here's how it works:

Give your friend the Registration Code below (or send themm the URL) and tell them to enter it in the "Refer-A-Friend" box when creating their account. Once your friend has purchased his or her first class, you'll both receive a code for 10% off** your next order!

One of my favorite American Crafts' Desgin Team Members, Amy Tangerine, is holding her very first online workshops this month.  "Get those creative juices Flowing" runs from 10/11 - 10/22.  The class is priced at $27 and you also have the option of buy the kit for a total of $45.  Amy recently posted pictures of some of the goodies in the kit and it is so worth so much more than the actual price.  You get a orginial one of a kind Amy T "Handsewn" notebook, washi tape and other neat items.  I so can't wait for the kit to arrive and this class to start.

Most of these classes will run through the month of November and "Fun with Fabric" continues into December.  In January I will be attending my first Scrapbooking Weekend crop with the lovely ladies from Scrap Mania. 

Woo what a busy couple of months i have coming up.  I also have to find time to get the house decorated for fall and then christmas.  At least this year I will have help, just havn't informed the Roomate and her BF about it yet!


Sammye Jo said...

We need pictures of your clip it up and room rearrange :)TFS!

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