Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HMR Weightloss Update - Week #2

So an update on my progress.  Had my second weigh-in and class today for the HMR Program.  I am proud to report that i have lost 5.5 pounds.   Wow, all in one week!  Because of Labor Day, class got pushed back a day.  I have to say I did not get my minimum prescription in each week.  I was short a shake four days. I also had only one day of physical activity.  I had the lowest PA score in the class.  I will do better this week.  So far I had dance class last night and Ashley, Chris and I walked 45 minutes tonight.  

Since there are two other people at work doing the program, we are going to make a point to walk around the campus at least once a day together.   Plus work has a Healthy Living challenge starting up on the 25th of this month that all three of us are going to sign up for as a team.  The Biggest Loser male and female will each get $1000.  What an incentive!  Enough to motivate me.  The program will last till May 14th.   This is plenty enough time for me to drop the original goal of 50 lbs and maybe more.  Wish me Luck!


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