Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Typical Day...

Prompt 4 in "Blogging for Scrapbookers" was to blog about a topic that seems quite ordinary.  So here is a breakdown of a typical thursday in my life. 


6:30 - first alarm goes off
7:00 - second alarm goes off
7:15 - third alarm goes off
7:30 - fourth alarm goes off...... are we starting to see a pattern, i wait till the very last minute to get up
          finally wake up, shower, get dressed, etc.
8:00 - rush out the door for work
8:15/8:30 - arrive at work, all depends on the traffic/construction/idiot driving situation
9:00 - meeting
10:30 - meeting
11:00/11:30 - lunch at desk, its always a working lunch


1:30 - meeting, with all these meetings its hard to believe i get any work done, I happen to have 3 scheduled
4:30 - leave work, this is the time i shoot to leave each day but depending on how busy things are or if i
          am at a stopping point, it is usually later
          run errarands/sit in traffic on the way home
7:30 - pick up Isabelle from dance ( i am the driver for the two cousins)
8:00 - drop Isabelle off at home, chat with my family
9:00 - finally get home myself, dinner, laudry, dishes, house stuff etc
11:00 - bedtime!

This is a typical weekday with variations on what times the kids need to be picked up from dance, track, band, karate, rehearsals, etc.  Thursday is typically a lighter day for the driving around!


Maya said...

Your wake up routine sounds very similar to mine LOL

WendyB said...

LOl at the alarm. My hubby cannot understand why I set the alarm for 40 minutes before I absolutely MUST be out of bed. Now I can tell him its not just me :-)

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