Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello Everyone!

To anyone who is reading this, thank you for visiting. My purpose for the blog creation is to post my recent art work for the world to see. Right now the only admirers are the family members that come by for a visit. I don't claim to be an professional, skilled artist of any kind. I am merely a beginner hobbyist. I welcome any comments, criticism or suggestions. My knowledge soley consits of checking out every book the local library has to offer in Art Instruction. I am limited on funds; therefore, pricey art lessons are not a priority. If you know of any inexpensive instruction in the Louisiana area, I greatly appreciate the suggestion. Another topic discussed here will be the books I have reacently read. As a young child I loved reading. Once school started forcing me to read summer reading books that I could not choose, I pushed it off as something that was a burden. I recently refound my love for reading. I believe a good book should get the praise it deserves. So to accomplish this, I will posts current books I am reading. I mainly read bestsellers or books with covers that happens to catch my eye as I stroll through Barnes and Noble looking for the Moleskine rack. Let me know what you are reading. Once again thanks for visiting, please enjoy.


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