Friday, August 8, 2008

Antiques in the Living Room

I was babysitting my two cousins one afternoon, when I had the urge to sketch. It was raining outside so I was stuck with looking for something indoors. My aunt is one of the people who has a museum like house with tons of antiques and beautiful things, so I didn't have to look far for inspiration. I was simply sitting on one of the leather chairs in the living room. The problem became having too much to draw. I started to focus on the armoire that contained some of her collection of blue and white Chinese porcelain. Next I found myself drawn to the simple carvings in the mantle above the fireplace (probably because the TV is located above and F.R.I.E.N.D.S was on). At this point it had stopped raining, but it was around 9:00 pm and it was pitch black dark. My Aunt wasn't home yet, so I moved on to the other side of the room. There she has placed above a small chest of drawers a gold framed mirror that has a glass grape garland. By the time I finished my drawing, my Aunt and Uncle were back. I'm sure there will be more sketches from her house to come. Plus they just bought Monte' Vista Plantation, so there definitely potential there.


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