Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Craft Room Organization - Punches, Chipboard, and Templates

Punches, Chipboard and Templates, Oh My!

Previously my punches were stored in the two-tiered baskets, then on the wired shelving unit hung on the wall.  The weight was causing major issues and even caused the shelf to fall off the wall at one point.  Now they are simple stored in a drawer, design side up, of my white cubes.  As my collection grows, cause you know it will, the plan is too use more drawers and separate by theme. 
Chipboard is something I don't have much of.  The jars below of chipboard letters and numbers and a few packs of raw chipboard 12x12 sheets are all I own.  The jars use to reside on the wired shelving unit but now are housed in a single drawer of the white cubes.  Raw chipboard sheets are stacked on another shelf.
These templates are for my fiskars circle cutter.  I rarely use them as I never need shapes that big.  My slice machine cuts up to 4 inches and i use that all the time.  They are neatly stacked in the drawer until i find a better use for them.  Any ideas?


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