Saturday, May 29, 2010

BPS Class: "52 Card Pick Up" - Orientation Week

I am taking an online workshop from Big Picture Scrapbooking, . This is the first workshop i have every taken online for scrapbooking.  It was moderately priced, only $52, but i found a $5 coupon (use code: ilovesbc).  It is an 11 week long course, consisting of 52 assignments (one per weekday, with a couple of days off).  In the end the workshop will create 52 different techniques/tips/etc. to help with creativity when scrapbooking.  Looking through the supply list (not all listed are traditional scrapbooking supplies) I am sure this will be an exciting journey.  I am so ready to start, and that i did.  I am in the middle of the orientation week where we create the basis for our card deck.  I am still missing a couple of items from the master supply list, but they will be ordered monday after I make a trip to Michaels to find some stuff locally.  Here is my (almost complete) assignment:

Supplies: Basic Cardstock, American Crafts Patterned Paper: Teen Line, American Crafts Ribbon: BFF  & Kiss, American Crafts Thickers: Tiara Taffy, Cupid White, Daiquiri Green, and Sprinkles Blue.

I can't wait for Week One!


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