Wednesday, April 28, 2010

101 things in 1001 days

I have always been one for lists. I make to do list, grocery list, project list, etc. So to make life a little more productive I decided to participate in the Day Zero Project. It is merely 101 preplanned things to do in 1001 days, which is approxmitaly 2.75 years. In my case I will start Today, Wednesday April 28th, 2010 and will end on Wednesday Janurary 23rd, 2013. So here is my list:

Day Zero List
Plan. Create. Motivate. Achieve

  1. Identify 100 things that make me happy

  2. Be more productive at work

  3. Influence one person to make a Day Zero List

  4. Don't complain about anything for a week

  5. Make 10 new friends

  6. Start a new tradition

  7. Grow my hair long

  8. No gossiping for one week

  9. Visit the dentist

  10. Vote properly in an election

  11. Say yes to everything for a day

  12. Volunteer for a charity

  13. Register as an organ donor

  14. Donate blood

  15. Make a bucket list

  16. Stop biting my nails

  17. No exaggerating for one month

  18. Finish writing another 101 list by the end of 1001 days

  19. Get a massage

  20. Read 100 books

  21. Take more pictures.....with myself in them

  22. Have a true picnic

  23. Attend midnight showing of a movie

  24. Spend a rainy day watching movies in pj's

  25. Join a book club

  26. Go fishing

  27. Sleep under the stars

  28. Host a game night

  29. Make a snow angel

  30. Go to movies alone

  31. Watch 26 new movies I've never seen starting with every letter of the alphabet

  32. Read all books written by a particular author

  33. Expand vocabulary by 100 words

  34. Attend a music festival

  35. Watch sunrise and sunset in the same day

  36. Watch 10 documentaries

  37. Read a biography

  38. Have dinner by candlelight

  39. Experience a New Year's kiss

  40. Kiss in the rain

  41. Fall in love

  42. Tell someone "I Love You"

  43. Get married

  44. Post to blog at least once a week

  45. Produce a piece of artwork each month

  46. Alter a book

  47. Create altered recipe binder

  48. Sell a painting

  49. Make font from my handwriting

  50. Learn to use my camera properly

  51. Buy an ipad

  52. Take a photography class

  53. Organize itunes library into playlists

  54. Make itunes playlist of 100 favorite songs

  55. Buy a house

  56. De-clutter my house

  57. Keep car clean for a month

  58. Organize craft room and keep it that way

  59. Make bed everyday for one week

  60. Keep kitchen clean for one month

  61. Keep living room clean for one month

  62. Host a dinner party

  63. Try 20 new recipes

  64. Try new item off menu at regularly visited restaurants

  65. Try 10 new restaurants

  66. Have a fondue party

  67. Make lunch for work the night before for one month

  68. Make pizza from scratch

  69. Take my family out to dinner on my tab

  70. Get a promotion

  71. Create budget and stick to it

  72. Save three months of salary

  73. Save $10,000 in savings account

  74. Save up to buy a designer handbag

  75. No shopping for one month except groceries

  76. Stick to what is on grocery list

  77. Cruise to Alaska

  78. Paint in Paris

  79. Go Camping

  80. Take a road trip

  81. Visit 5 new museums

  82. Visit 5 new cities

  83. Loose 30lbs and keep it off

  84. Learn to play tennis

  85. Participate in charity walk/run

  86. No fast food for a month

  87. No soda for one month

  88. No fried food for a month

  89. Whiten my teeth

  90. Complete "Couch to 5k"

  91. Put away grocery car and park in back of parking lot for one month

  92. Drink 2 bottles of water a day

  93. Take vitamin everyday

  94. Read the Bible cover to cover

  95. Become more spiritual

  96. Read daily devotionals


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