Friday, November 9, 2012

American Crafts Stamp Sale

American Crafts Stamps:

A few things:

-          Price does not include shipping, I will use flat rate priority shipping envelopes and will get as many comfortable in as possible in the smallest envelope. 

o   Padded flat rate envelopes ship domestic for $5.30

o   If you are international please let me know in your initial request email so I can check on shipping.
o   Can send first class  if just one stamp or ink, no tracking... around $3( we can settle difference after i send the package)
-          Most are unused in package unless where noted.
“Birthday” - $5
“Thanks-Small” - $5
Junior “Champ” -$5
Junior “Rascal”-$8
“For You”-$8
Dear Lizzy “Warble”-$8
“Magestic” - $8
Merry Mint “Shortbread”-$5
Nightfall “Spooky Night”-$5
“Ginger Alpha” -$5
“Rue Alpha” USED-$6
EK Success Mickey Stamp Set- USED(2 of them)-$6

American Crafts Ink
UNUSED-$5 plus shipping or 3 for $12 plus shipping
-          Emerald x2
-          Cherry
-          Gold
-          Sunflower
-          Lavender
-          Silver
-          Apricot
USED-$3 plus shipping or all 3 for $7 plus shipping
-          Denim
-          Cranberry
-          Wave

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Studio Calico Stamp Blowout Sale

Studio Calico Stamps for Sale

A few things:

-          Price does not include shipping, I will use flat rate priority shipping envelopes and will get as many comfortable in as possible in the smallest envelope.  Some may be able to be sent in regular mailing envelopes with free shipping (if you don’t need the tracking number)

o   Padded flat rate envelopes ship domestic for $5.30
o   If you are international please let me know in your initial request email so I can check on shipping.
-          I use to store my stamps in a bind-it all stamp binder, so I may not have original packaging for some stamps, they are noted
Another Note…….for an extra $5-10 I will send you what is left of  any of the 2010/2011 kits(some are partial, most are full).   Note that to send 12x12 papers shipping will probably be around $10 for the right size box.  Message me to full details of what I have left in the kits

If any set is noted as pending and you are still interested, please let me know i can start a wait list.

(June 2010)
                Partly Sunny - Sunburst Mini Stamp - $5
(July 2010)
                Continental - Date Stamp -$5 SOLD
(August 2010)
            Summer Camp - Oblong Journal Block Stamp - $5
(September 2010)
            Back 40 - Border Stamp - Harper's Ruler - $10
                Harvest Moon - Pumpkin Mini Stamp - $5
(October 2010)
                On The Easel - Polaroid Frame Stamp - $10
            Watercolor - PolkaDot Background Stamp 4x6" - $15
                Still Life - Vintage Bird Mini Stamp - $5
(November 2010)
            Napa Valley - Small Alpha Stamp Set - $10
                Mendocino - Art Stamp Set - $10
                Santa Cruz - Graph Pattern Background Stamp - $15
(December 2010)
            Metropolitan - Globe Stamp - $5
            Mass Transit - Transportation Stamp Set – S10
(January 2011)
                Who’s Who – Book shelf Stamp - $10 SOLD
                Mary Jane - Love/Hearts Stamp Set - $10….No Original Packaging SOLD
                Dear Abby - Love Phrase Circle Stamp - $5
(February 2011)
            Candy Shoppe – Clouds Stamp - $5Sold
                Licorice Twist - Alphabet Background Stamp -$15
                Pulled Taffy - Lightbulb Mini Stamp - $5….No Original Packaging SOLD
(March 2011)
                Into The Woods - Vintage Bumble Bee Stamp  -$5
(April 2011)
                Make ‘Em Laugh - Globe Mini Stamp - $5
                Moses Supposes - Flag Stamps - $10
                Tap Dance - Herringbone Background Stamp 4x6" –$15
(May 2011)
                Lawn Party - Numbers Border Stamp – $10
                Paper Lanterns - Milk Cap mini stamp – $5 Sold
(June 2011)
                Paper Moon - Moon Mini Stamp – $5
                Countdown - Photo Strip with 2x2" holes - $10….No Original Packing SOLD
                Ray Gun – Ray Gun Stamp – $5 Sold
(July 2011)
                Mind The Gap – Small Open Circles Border Stamp - $5
                Knickers – Chevron Background Stamp - $15(pending)
                Pint – Mini Months Stamp Set – S10 SOLD
(August 2011)
                Boardwalk – Circle Frame Stamp – $5
(September 2011)
                Glee Club – Mini Camera 2x2” Stamp -$5 SOLD
                Thespian – Title Banner Stamp 1x6” - $10
                Pep Squad – Confetti Background Stamp – Cling - $15
(October 2011)
                Field Guide – 2x2” Arrow/You Are Here Stamp - $5
(December 2011)
                Brooklyn Flea – 2x2” Stump Stamp -$5
                Shiney Brite -4x3 Set Vintage Ornaments - $10  
                Snow Cone – Burst Background Stamp-$15
(January 2012)
                 Country Fair – Border Stamp – Vertical Numbers -$15
                Photo Booth – 1x6” border- Photo Booth - $10
(February 2012)
                Daydream Believer – Mini Frame Stamp -$5
(March 2012)
                Story Hour – Stamp Exclusive (roller stamp)-$10
            Illustrated – arrows stamp -$10 SOLD
(April 2012)
                Sorbonne - Background Stamp - triangle grid-$15 
(May 2012)
                35mm - Hexagon Mini Stamp-$5
(June 2012)
                So Cal - Hey Girl Mini Stamp-$5 Sold
(July 2012)
                Elmwood Park - Graph texture mini stamp-$5
                Twisty Slide - Words Stamp-$10
                Four Square - Patterned Pie Stamp 4x4-$10
(August 2012)
            Summer of ’69 - "Just a Note" Border Stamp-$10
            Five & Dime - Huge Chevron Background Stamp-$15
            Six String - Alpha Stamp Set-$10
(September 2012)
                Central High - Mini Weekdays Stamp Set-$10
                Style Guide - Triangle Border Stamp-$10
(October 2012)
Roller Rink-*mini stamp-$5
Rainbow knee socks- 1x6 tabs-$10
Crack the whip-1x6 star bursts geotag-$10

(November 2012)
December daily- original (non-exclusive stamp)-$15
December daily-new exclusive stamp-$15(pending)
December Daily – album + 4x6 page protectors - $20
Sock hop-mini true story-$5
Bobby socks-1x6 where I want to be-$10
Poodle skirt -find joy-$10
Leather jacket-1x6 the good life-$10
25 Days Class-$5

Other Stamps:
SC Birthday Stamp Set - $10
circles background stamp 4x6 - $15, not in original package
Buttons stamp set - $10, not in original package, SOLD
Sewing machine stamp set - $8, used(just the handmade with love), not in original package
Jetsetter stamp set - $15, not in original package
Jett numbers set - $10, not in original package SOLD
Months stamps - $10, used, not in original package.SOLD
Weekday stamp set - $10, not in original package
Pennant flag banner border stamp - $10, not in original package
4x4 border + star stamp set(not sure the title of this one) - $8, used, not in original package
assembled bind-it all stamp notebook - $15
un-assembled bind it all stamp notebook - $10, in package

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project Life Week #2

Just a typical week in my life, busy with work and day-to-day errands.  Saturday started off a relaxing weekend.  I worked on completing week one of project life and continued with my scanning project of childhood photos.  I am about half way through album 2 of 4.  On Saturday night, my mother, sister and I had tickets to a ballet documentary "First Position".  The movie followed 6 young ballet dancers on their journey toward the finals in the Youth American Grand Prix.  What a wonderful movie and an eye-opening look into these young lives. Sunday was quite typical, 11:30 Mass followed by lunch with the family (Dad grilled steaks) and then a little shopping at Tj Maxx and Marshalls.  It has become Sunday ritual!  Monday started off a busy work week due to last week's roll out of the new system, but I managed to squeeze in a few fun things.  The adorable Amy Tan was able to save me a kit from her most recent class.  It came on on Monday and I got started creating right away.  The company kids did a showoff for family and friends of all the dances competing at nationals on Tuesday night.  WOW! Our kids are gonna kick some butt!  Nationals will fall right into Week #4 of project life and I can't wait to spend 6 days with my girls in Orlando at Tremaine.  Wednesday was a "work from home day".  I always manage to get a lot more done on these days when the phone isn't ringing off the hook or people are stopping by my desk.  I even managed to get a little online shopping in.  The 27th was Studio Calico's reveal for their July Kit "Elmwood Park".  Reveals make me so nervous!  I usually spend a couple of days before digging through the message boards trying to decide what I am going to buy and stay within a "scrap" budget.  Everything goes so quick on reveal day.  The plan was to pick up two add-ons ("Twisty Slide" and "Four Square") along with more color and more patterned paper this month.  I managed to get both add-ons into my cart but somehow had two of "twisty slide".  Well there is no way to change the quantity and i had to delete both from my cart and tried to re-add just the one but it was sold out.  Good news, stayed up till 11 PM and managed to snatch "twisty slide".  I was able to get more color but not more patterned paper.  I went with 3 kits (main + 2 add-ons) because i loved the color combinations and last months kit is practically "killed" with 3 completed layouts and week #1 of PL.  SC released, for the first time, digital elements to go with the July Kits.  Being a silhouette owner myself, I picked up 5 cutting files along with a printable of journaling cards and shapes.  Oh SC, you never fail to impress, I now have more elements for PL!  My order also included Mistery Huey's Sunshine Mist and more color from the Take Note and Abroad collection which were part of Last Call.  To top off my Wednesday, my package from "Swap Your Stash" arrived.  On SC's Forums, I joined in on Caz's "Sway your stash" were she pairs you with another member and you send a package stash items.  I was match with Maria from AZ who likes teal, yellow, white and kraft.  She sent me a packaged filled with pink, Amy tangerine, and project life elements.  Oh i was so excited to see those PL pages and blank journal cards! Although Thursday was filled with work projects, I did manage to squeeze in time for my submission to American Crafts Design Team.  This is #29 on my "30 things in Year 30". I have applied twice before and am hoping this is my year. Friday rounded out the work week with a half day followed by some grocery shopping at target and house cleaning.  All in all a typical busy week, just the way i like it!

Here is the loot i received from Maria for SC's Swap Your Stash.....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project Life Week #1

As stated an a previous post, I decided to start a project life album for the first time.  I started on Saturday June 16th, my 30 birthday.  Here is the complete post. on the b-day celebrations. So on to project life.  I completed three pages for week one.  Supplies used where mainly all from Studio Calico's June Kit - So Cal along with a few random extras from my stash.  Along with my birthday celebration, the week was filled with shopping trips to prepare for florida, my grandmother's 82nd birthday and major system roll-out at work.

Loving project life so far. Currently working on putting together this past week's layout.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Fabulous, Flirty & 30!"

So Saturday marked the end of my 20's..... That's right, I'm officially "Fabulous, Flirty & 30".

My birthday celebrations kicked off a week early with the June birthday luncheon at work. The whole department gets together once a month and celebrates all those with birthdays. For June we went to one of my favorite places, La Carreta. I got my usual, "Flaunta Special" and spent a wonderful two hours chatting with co-workers. Once back at work, we celebrated with cake. Love me some strawberry cake!

After a long week at work and teaching summer dance classes, it was good to have a half day on friday. I enjoyed an afternoon of scrapbooking! Way too many layouts to post here, but i do post all in Studio Calico's member gallery: Also have a new addition to the scrap room. I like to enjoy my layouts before i file them in their permanent Photo Freedom albums. I hung a basic drapery rod on the wall and using binder rings and page protectors turned sideways, I can display 5 at a time.

Saturday's celebration kicked off with a FORMAL lunch with the family.My mother and sister cooked all morning. On the menu was Crab-topped catfish, butter potatoes, green bean casserole and Jungle Juice. To stay with the healthy theme, instead of a traditional birthday cake, I was given an Edible Arrangement filled with fruit. Best Birthday Cake Ever!

After lunch followed "present time". Even at 30 (wow that was hard to type), I still get all giddy on my birthday. I ended up with all kinds of goodies; money, a double hammock for my back porch and a sewing machine.

My official birthday concluded with a night of scrapping with Izzy. Perfect end to perfect birthday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The 30 List"

Well lets first start off with an apolgie.  I have not blogged since DECEMBER, its MAY!  Life got a little crazy busy, buy hey thats no excuse.  To my 8 followers, I deeply apolgize.  On to the reason for this post.

I turn the big "30" in 37 days.  Whoa, life is passing me by!  Around my 28th birthday, I made a list of 30 things i wanted to accomplish by the time i turned 30....let's see how that turned out

The "30" List

  1. Meet Scrappy Friends - I have made so many between CCL and Weekend crops at Memory Mania
  2. Save $5000 - nope didn't happen and doubt it will in the next 37 days
  3. Sell My Craft - my feather headbands have been sold at both the dance studio and in my aunt's booth at The Courtyard
  4. Read 20 books- not sure how many i read but i know it wasn't 20, will lower the number for next year
  5. Take a Road Trip - I've driven to Houston twice this year
  6. Learn to sew- hoped to get a sewing machine for christmas but never happened, got a pivi printer instead
  7. blog every week - we all know that didn't happened
  8. have a project published - nothing major, a few hits on pinterest and on LSS blog
  9. make a design team
  10. hold a crop- didn't have room in the last two houses, do NOW
  11. de-clutter my life - done, with the move to the new house
  12. achieve wellness - actually went in the opposite direction, will work harder on this one
  13. visit a new place - I went to Nassau Bahamas in March, visiting Hawaii in May
  14. art journal
  15. fall in love
  16. attend a crop - I attend CCL in January and I have signed up for it again in July
  17. buy a house OMG! never thought this would really happen
  18. make 5 new friends
  19. travel by trainu
  20. library of memories class - started but not complete
  21. learn 3 new things - im sure i did, have to think about this one
  22. scrapbooking cruise
  23. daily album - started "Photo a day" this past janurary but didn't last too long
  24. grow out my hair - done, cut and working on it again
  25. photo shoot - took pictures of the kids durning easter in 2011
  26. go camping
  27. get promoted
  28. appear on tv - my little buddy and I are in the new Big Buddy Program commerical
  29. throw a party - Halloween was celebrated at my house this past October
  30. have a true picnic
#31 was to make a layout of the sure i can get that done before June 16th.

Wow! only 11 out of the 30, not too good.

I have put together "30 in Year 30".....

Some have been carried over, others re-evaluated but I go.....

  1. Have a Picnic
  2. Learn to use chopsticks
  3. do something that scares me
  4. visit two new places
  5. throw a party
  6. attend CCL or another crop
  7. blog weekly (shooting for wednesdays)
  8. fall in love
  9. start walking
  10. see 5 broadway shows
  11. scrap weekly
  12. work harder and play harder
  13. learn to use manual mode on dslr
  14. scan childhood pictures
  15. teach tap classes
  16. complete "2012 Travels" Smash ablum
  17. be more grateful
  18. decorate for each holiday/season
  19. finish "photo freedom"
  20. go camping
  21. try 12 new recipes
  22. learn to sew
  23. hold a crop
  24. read 5 books
  25. christmas dinner party
  26. attend a festival
  27. follow through on all projects
  28. save $5000
  29. submit for two design teams
  30. complete "project life - Year 30"

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